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Pam at Plant Communication

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Continuing Education for Advanced Students

Advanced Plant Spirit Healing -

June 29 – July 1

Abbeycwmhir Village Hall in Abbeycwmhir, Powys, Wales

Contact: emma.farrell@archetypeevents.com

November 29 – December 2

Swami’s Yoga Retreat in Kenthurst, NSW, Australia www.swami.com.au

Contact: ninevehdaniel77@gmail.com

These courses are available to anyone who has completed the PSH Apprenticeship either with Pam or Jen Frey, the Plant Spirit Healing Intensive Part I & II in the UK, and the Plant Spirit Healing Immersion Course in Australia

Mentorship *


Plant Initiation; the Shamanic Nature of Plants

June 1-3

Nettle – Honoring Ourselves through Deep Nourishment

Partner Earth Education Center, Danby, Vt.

Organization of Nature Evolutionaries

June 22-24

Tulsi - Sacred Basil - Touching the Divine with the “Queen of Herbs”

Devon, England

Contact: emma.farrell@archetypeevents.com

for all information - http://www.plantconsciousness.com/sacred-basil

July 13–15

Elder – Transforming via Magical Realms

Partner Earth Education Center, Danby, Vt.

September 7-9

Hawthorn – Healing the Heart with the Tree of Enchantment

Dreamlands, Montpelier, Vt.

September 21–23

Maple – Experiencing the Sweetness of Life

Partner Earth Education Center, Danby, Vt.

November 26 – 28

Tulsi - Sacred Basil - Touching the Divine with the "Queen of Herbs"

Swami’s Yoga Retreat in Kenthurst, NSW, Australia www.swami.com.au

Contact: ninevehdaniel77@gmail.com

Other Courses -

Plant Spirit Healing Expressed through Visual Art
with Jackie Lewis

August 3-5

Partner Earth Education Center, Danby, Vt.

Join Pam and Jackie as they guide you to create beauty inspired by the nature intelligence of plant spirits.

Jackie Lewis is a Visionary Plant and Dream Artist based in Essex, UK.  She taps into her deep connection with Nature and the Unseen and brings these worlds to canvas for all to see.  She does this with such vibrancy and truth that by looking at one of her paintings (even on a computer screen), we can feel the energy of these Beings, we can experience their healing gifts as some deep remembering stirs in our own soul.  Through her work, Jackie expresses her gratitude for Nature’s gifts and reminds us of the Sacred in All.

Contact: Pam at greenpam@vermontel.net

Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-right

November 23 – 25

Swami’s Yoga Retreat, Kenthurst, NSW, Australia

Contact: ninevehdaniel77@gmail.com

Journey of Transformation and Deep Encounter with Nature in the Magical Land of Damanhur, Italy

October 14-21

For more information - click this link



Pam will not be teaching a Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship in 2018 but one of her Associate Teachers will teach an apprenticeship based on Pam’s Plant Spirit Healing teachings. Jen Frey of Brigid’s Way will offer a six month apprenticeship titled Heart of Transformation Apprenticeship beginning in May. This course will take place at Heritage Creek Farm Camp in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.
Visit Jen’s website at: www.brigidsway.com or call her at

Here’s what Pam has to say about Jen and her work:

“It is rare to find a person such as Jen who demonstrates a deep dedication and commitment to being in co-creative partnership with plants, nature, elements and Earth.

Jen approaches her work and life’s walk from a heart-centered space bringing a depth of understanding to all she does. At the same time, she engages her active mind to help carry out her intuitive guidance.

Jen is a gifted teacher who makes difficult concepts and practices easy and accessible. She continues to explore various healing arenas always expanding and refining her abilities as a healer and teacher. As she steps into teaching more long term programs you will have the opportunity to experience and learn healing in ways you could never imagine as she engages you personally, professionally and planetarily. I highly recommend Jen’s work and especially her newly emerging Heart of Transformation Apprenticeship which is certain to change your life by filling you full of your true essential nature so you may walk the path you came here for.”

Click here to sign up for workshops or classes:


Pam is available to teach classes across the country and internationally. If you would like to organize a class in your area contact Pam at greenpam@vermontel.net or 802-293-5996 to receive organizer guidelines and discuss the potential of a workshop in your area.



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