plant spirit healing practitioners

Denise Schwab -  Berkeley, California

510- 590- 8187

Three Feather Healing Arts , Denise Schwab MA

Denise is a plant spirit healing practitioner and transformative artist who embraces creativity as a way of experiencing our co-creative relationship with the spiritual realm of nature.  Through individual healing sessions, Shamanic journeys and creative workshops, Denise inspires people to connect and align with the creative spirit of life so the gifts of ones unique, individual soul may be fully expressed.  Nestled in a redwood forest in East Bay California, Denise offers sessions, workshops and creative nature retreats from her healing arts studio and home.   Enchanted long distance sessions are also available.


Dori Midnight  -  Williamsburg, Mass.

415 - 939 - 3694

Dori Midnight
is a community-based healer, herbalist, and educator, weaving traditional folk healing, plant medicine, and social justice in her work. Drawing on her rich heritage of Roma Gypsy, Ashkenazi & Sephardic Jewish, and First Nations (Cherokee/Shawnee) ancestry, Dori's work is grounded in self-determinism, collective liberation, and the belief that healing ourselves is inseparable from healing our communities and earth. Dori has had the great honor of studying and teaching with Starhawk and Joanna Macy, as well as Pam Montgomery and other wonderful plant people. After 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dori now lives in beautiful Western Massachusetts where she teaches community healing workshops, creates rituals and ceremonies, and maintains a local and distance healing practice.


Dee Holden - Fernie, B.C. Canada

ELEMENTS OF SELF HEALING ~ Supporting personal choices and changes for wholeness, health and vitality!
(250) 429-3153

"Out beyond ideas of right and wrong there is a field, I'll meet you there" ~ Rumi

Dee is a Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner & Educator, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Family Herbalist, Certified Integral Yoga Instructor and is Reiki I & II Certified. Through individual healing sessions, Women's circles and classes ranging anywhere from an afternoon to a weekend long, Dee facilitates one's inherent connection with nature, calling us joyfully back home. Dee extends gratitude to the natural world for the tapestry of healing that is woven, given and received, within the fabric of her classes & healing sessions. Long distance sessions by phone and Skype available.


Lori Jo Siegel  -  Croton On Hudson, New York

914- 271- 2638 or 914 715-7360

Karuna Reiki, & Reiki Master/Instructor /teacher
Karma Release Practitioner
Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner
Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master/Instructor. 

I am  a certified New York State teacher with an MS in Early Childhood Education with 25 years of experience.  I teach music and movement and art to children. I am trained in Gestalt therapy.  I combine a variety of modalities into a healing session which include: essential oils,  plant essences, crystals, visualization, music, art and gestalt therapy.  My goal is to support and nurture your innate ability to live in health and harmony. We work as a team to clear blockages, restore mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  I use plant spirit healing to help you walk the path you came here to walk and to be filled full of your true essential nature.


Susan Draffan -   Ojai, California


Susan works co-creatively with Nature to help humans and animals more fully realize and embody their Divine natures. Plant Spirit Healing, Flower & Vibrational Essences, Multidimensional Transformation, Interspecies Communication, and Space Clearing services promote freedom, clarity, ease and joy. These in turn support the fulfillment of each soul's potential and destiny. Local, distance and international sessions.

Jasmine Hurtak -  Dorset,Vermont

Floatation Center, Nutritional Counseling,
Herbal Remedies, Plant-Spirit Healing and Aromatherapy 

At Chi Time, we often make use of several or all modalities
in a custom-made healing plan, tailored to your particular needs.

Tracy Lee Jones  -   Sausalito, California


Tracy Lee Jones is a holistic Life Coach for health and creative expression both personally and professionally. She has created a new model for women to experience their full potential living a life of radiance and abundance. Tracy is a Plant Spirit Healing practitioner and educator trained by Pam Montgomery and through this inspiration engages nature as a role model in the dynamic processes she brings to others to live a life of thriving instead of surviving. As a wellness and vibrant living mentor she guides others and organizations to discover their full potential by taking a holistic and community supported approach to nourishing the individual and collective mind, body and spirit.


Karine Gordineer – Hopewell Junction, New York


Karine Gordineer is a Plant Spirit Healer, Native American Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner and a certified Reiki Master, offering individual healing sessions and classes.  Her work is based on the belief that living apart from our divine connection with the Creator, the Earth and the Spirit Beings of nature, forms a rift in our souls that must be healed in order to restore balance to ourselves, our communities and our Planet.  Combining her deep Native American (Mahican) and Ukrainian lineages and many years of training, Karine seeks to help individuals align with their soul purpose, restoring health and vitality through right relationship with the Earth and our Creator.


Liddy Flewwelling - Montreal, Quebec

Liddy is a Plant Spirit Healing practitioner and teacher in Montreal, Quebec. She brings over 25 years of experience to her healing work.

She also runs workshops in Plant Spirit Healing and acts as a guide in Shamanic Ceremonies, Vision Quests and Purification Lodges. She is available for long distance as well as ‘hands on’ healing sessions.

Liddy has recently published a beautiful deck of Plant Spirit Healing cards entitled Messages from the Plant World, based on her work with the plant spirits over the past 14 years.

You can contact her directly at or go to her website for more information at

jen frey
Jen Frey - Lancaster, PA

Jen is a Plant Spirit Healing and Flower Essence Practitioner, Herbalist, and Educator.  Jen weaves her Love of and relationship with Nature into her consultations, healing ceremonies, and classes. 
She feels strongly that we are being called to step forward into our Higher Selves for evolution and transformation.  Her focus is to help her clients and students clear the wounds and limiting beliefs, awaken and re-member, and step into their Full Being. 
Jen also offers a monthly newsletter.

Danielle Kreps - Kingston, Ontario


Wysdom Tree, Danielle Kreps B.Ed.

Danielle is a Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner and Educator & Reiki Practitioner and Teacher in the Eastern Ontario Region. Located just outside of Kingston Danielle offers In Person and Distance Healing Sessions, Workshops, and facilitates Wysdom Tree’s The Flowering Spirit Healing Circle. Danielle is deeply grateful for the Healing Gifts of our Green Allies in Nature, and loves helping others to clear their Sacred Space within so they might live more fully from the deepest desires of their Spirit and connect to the life giving waters of Source.

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