Plant Initiation; The Shamanic Nature of Plants

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Plant Initiations,
working Shamanically with plants and trees

Initiation is an ancient form of ceremony that brings one into maturity taking up their place within the collective. In traditional society initiation was a coming of age where the young person became an adult stepping into their role within the “tribe”. The elders would perform the Initiations that sometimes took up to a year to complete but always culminating in a great ritual and then feast. In modern times the Initiation process has been mostly forgotten so that there are many adults who have never had the opportunity to come into their maturity bringing forth their gifts in order to serve the community. The elders, too, are mostly gone so that even for those who would like to be an Initiated human there is not the ability. In my deep work with plants I continue to be amazed at how they step up to the plate and provide us with exactly what we need. So it has come about that the common plants are taking on the role of the Elder and are initiating us into what it means to be truly human living within the collective.

A Plant Initiation is an opportunity to work deeply with a plant or tree where we not only receive personal healing but also become bonded with the particular plant and receive the plants healing gifts to then work with oneself, others or the planet. This very intimate sharing with a plant allows for guidance on many issues, opens doors of perception, brings healing on all levels and expands one’s consciousness.

During this three day class we will be ingesting an elixir that has been prepared ceremonially to enhance the consciousness expanding qualities of the plant. While fasting we will ingest the elixir at various times throughout the three days. If for medical reasons you are unable to fast then specific foods will be available for you. We will deepen with the plant in many ways including dreaming, journeying, taking on the essence of the plant aided by mask making and experiencing the plant through Greenbreath. We will step into the initiatory experience of dismemberment which is a traditional shamanic way of dying to the old and being reborn into a new you. Our plant ally will aid us in ways known and unknown as we will leave space for the magic and mystery to emerge.

You will be asked to prepare yourself ahead of time by eating certain foods and refraining from certain activities. Entering an Initiation with clear body, mind and spirit is a kind of honoring of the Elder Teacher Plant, who is the initiator. It is with utmost respect that we approach these magnanimous beings as they lay the fertile ground for a deep transformative experience. You will emerge from this Initiation in a new skin. Be prepared to change your life.

June 24 - 26
St. John's Wort - Becoming Enlightened

at Partner Earth Education Center, Danby, Vermont

(This workshop is full )

Begins 10:00 am Friday and ends 3:00 pm Sunday

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Full cost is $395. - Includes all instruction shared lodging and feast meal.
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White Pine – Tree of Life; Connecting with ALL THAT IS

September 15-17

This Initiation is a benefit for the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries (link to ONE website here)


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