Plant Communication
Reclaiming Our Birth-Rite
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Plants are the most successful organisms on the planet and unlike animals, including humans, have the unique ability to create food, oxygen and tissue from sunlight. The latest scientific research shows that they are intelligent beings who have the capacity to store enormous amounts of information while being highly efficient in communicating and making decisions. Indigenous healers have known this about plants for centuries and have recognized that it is actually the spirit of the plants that does the communicating and healing.

During this three day intensive we will explore both science and traditional knowledge to learn how to communicate with plants and translate their message. Through entering the daydream of the plant and through traditional dream journeying we will come to understand the spirit of the plant and how it can serve as a guide, ally and friend helping us in our lives and other’s with everything from serious physical illness to making decisions in our lives to bringing a greater sense of well being. Join us as we learn how to align with the plants and listen deeply.

This experiential long weekend will include:

    • receiving the resonant signature of the plant through felt sense

    • building relationship with plants through sensual awareness

    • communication through light, sound and breath

    • stepping into the daydream of plants

    • receiving a plant blessing

    • receiving a personal plant ally

    • traditional shamanic journeying

    • focused breathing with plants called “Greenbreath” to overcome obstacles,
    access healing and merge with plants




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August 19 -21

Partner Earth Education Center
Danby, Vermont

Contact: Pam Montgomery - 802-293-5996

Begins 10:00 am Friday and ends 3:00 pm Sunday

Full cost is $395. - Includes all instruction, lodging and meals.
$100. deposit will hold your space.

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