The Sweetwater Sanctuary Essences were inspired by a convergence of earthly and cosmic
influences on Lammas 2008. At this time was a solar eclipse, new moon and the appearance of a
crop circle of a Paleolithic Egyptian Mother Goddess image of Isis found in Wiltshire, England.

The feminine principle has been re-manifesting for some time but now the Earth gave us her image
to remember her presence. I was flooded with inspiration to bring the gift of the plant spirits to a
wider circle.

On this day I began making plant and flower essences early in the morning and didn’t stop for two
days. I called in the Overlighting Deva of healing, the Deva of Sweetwater Sanctuary, the elements
of earth, air, fire and water and the directions of the east, south, west, north, below, above and center. I asked that my heart, soul and spirit be in alignment with the earthly and cosmic forces and that love be present as the connector of this confluence. I began walking the Sweetwater Labyrinth asking for the spirit of the plant and flower to be infused in the essence. As I walked the labyrinth, I was flooded with information and insight about these plants that I already had deep relationships with.

The essences then sat on marble stones taken from the stream at Sweetwater Sanctuary as marble eliminates any static that may be present. For those plants not in flower at the time, I sat the already prepared essence in the middle of the Labyrinth on marble stone and asked that they be infused with all the energies both earthly and cosmic that were present.

The results of those two days are these essences that I offer to you as a way to be gifted by the plants, their spirits, and all the cosmic and earthly influences conjoining to aid in our spiritual evolution.

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Sweetwater Sanctuary Single Essences bottle

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Golden Rod - Gives one access to the eighth chakra just above the head. Helps return one to the light when distraction makes one psychically deaf or blind.

1 oz. $7.00

Wild Ginger - Warms the heart by radiating heat from the Earth. Helpful to someone who goes hot/cold. Brings balance to the triple warmer/three heater.

1 oz. $7.00

Red Clover - Helps one understand trinities in life including smooth transitions into different stages like maiden, mother, crone or birth, death and re-birth. Frees one from dualism that imprisons the infinite spirit.

1 oz. $7.00

Indian Pipe - Helps complete the dying process while smoothly transitioning from life to afterlife by escorting souls to the other side. Relieves any kind of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain.

1 oz. $7.00

Mexican Sunflower - Helps clear the second chakra. Brings creative inspiration and fuels the fire of passion.

1 oz. $7.00

Joe Pye Weed - Helps one find and experience the sweet nectar of life. Helps one find and/or create community in one's life.

1 oz. $7.00
Blue/Black Cohosh – Enhances the bonding process with people, plants and nature. Helps one to make a connection and feel a sense of “belonging”. Helps one to find your people.  1 oz. $7.00
Nettle Helps one to have a strong sense of something, to know it by how it feels not by how it looks. Helps one to receive messages through “felt sensations”. For shy people who want to leave an impression. 1 oz. $7.00
Lavender Helps to set aside the inner “nag” in order to hear one’s “first voice”. Helps one trust their own inner knowing. Puts one in touch with the “yes” vibration cutting through illusion to reveal the truth.

1 oz. $7.00

PlantainPuts one in touch with the Air element and the ability to operate non-locally. Helps put one in their center unattached to ego needs or the effects of others. 1 oz. $7.00
Lilac Soothes mind chatter while relieving the stress of overwhelm and the “too much to do” syndrome. 1 oz. $7.00
Manifest Your Dreams - This alchemical essence carries strength for us to manifest our dreams during this paradigm shifting era. The antenna of White Pine receives the gifts of Neptune from the cosmos and connects people to the gifts of: making dreams manifest, tapping into innate creativity, exploring the vast limitless ocean of consciousness.

1 oz. $7.00

Chakra Set
7- 1 ounce essences set

Root chakra – Trillium

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One is grounded into the familiar, safe and secure home of self giving a solid foundation from which to grow. Places one firmly on the Earth through the force of gravity rooted in the physical body where pro-creation may occur. To Have.

Hara chakra – Calendula

One begins to experience “the other” by sensing their emotions while becoming aware of differences and polarity. The force of attraction of opposites helps one understand their sexuality and desires while experiencing the pleasure principle. To Feel.

Solar Plexus chakra - Dandelion

Through ego awareness one engages the force of combustion as the wider world is experienced. Moving into action one’s will power overcomes inertia and brings about transformation as healthy self-esteem helps one fulfill their purpose. To Act.

Heart chakra – Rose

The balance point unites heaven and earth, within and without as the transcendence of the ego brings surrender to a force greater than oneself. The force of equilibrium maintains balanced relationships with love at the foundation. To Love.

Throat chakra – Borage

The ability to communicate is the connecting principle that transforms symbols bringing deep and powerful meaning into one’s life. Creative expression abounds as the force of resonance allows entrainment. To Speak and Be Heard.

Third Eye chakra – Elder

As the force of holographic imprinting is tapped into, clarity of vision for one’s life unfolds. Through imagination and clairvoyance life’s library is accessible as intuition becomes the truth of one’s perception. To See or Vision.

Crown chakra – Angelica

As consciousness emerges one experiences immanence, awareness of the divine within and transcendence, awareness of the divine without. By engaging in the universal organizing principle integrity and wisdom are known. To Know.

Full Potential Set


Initiates involution process from conceptualization at the crown chakra to manifestation at the root chakra. Deeply rooted in the “below direction” grounding one through the first chakra. Helps one find their place in the vast interconnected web of life.


Shines light during the “dark night of the soul”. Helps one to see the light at the end of the tunnel guiding one out of very deep depression.


Helps one to vertically align receiving and filling one with source energy from heaven and earth. Good for when your container is depleted.

Morning Glory

For those with a delicate nature that have a difficult time integrating harsh realities of life. For eloquent and beautiful expression. Releases artist and writer’s block. Clears the fifth chakra.


Fills one with all kinds of abundance including financial. Helps those who view life as a cup half empty instead of a cup half full. Helps one know the preciousness of their life.

Lady’s Mantle

Aids in alchemical process of changing negativity into positivity. Helps one to transform their life into gold reaching their full potential. Helps one set a sacred container that is jewel lined.

Yellow Dock Seed

For planting seeds in your inner garden in order to manifest your heart’s desire. Helps one lay the foundation to manifest your dreams.

Full Potential Set - all 7 essences - $ 42.00

New Paradigm Set

Solstice 2012 Made at the exact moment of Solstice continuing through the eight minute influx of cosmic energy this time/space essence carries emerald, gold and rose quartz frequencies which help activate ones internal light switch giving immediate access to source energy. Opens inner and outer gateways to step into ones full potential.

Willow- Helps one stay flexible, personally and planetarily, during major transition times. Allows for growth regardless of seeming obstacles. Helps one think outside the box expanding beyond limiting perceptions.

Marbelous - an environmental essence of the Sweetwater stream and marble from the stream - Removes static from one's energy field so the message from spirit can be heard. Quiets mind chatter and centers one to perceive from the heart. Brings balance to toxic environments internally and externally.

Bloodroot - Helps one to step into meditative calm and peace of heart and mind. Purifies the body, mind and spirit from negative influences clearing the way for ones true essential nature to thrive.

Angelica Opens one to direct access to the divine through the crown chakra and apex of the heart. Gives guidance and protection from Archangels especially Archangel Michael.

Heal All - Spirals through heart, soul and spirit tying up loose ends helping to complete any healing process. Heals people, plants and animals during earth changing times. Helps clean house of old worn out patterns, habits and past karma.

Orchis Spectabulis - Helps one shift into the fifth dimension by rapidly evolving with flexibility and grace during changing times. Opens one to trusting in our co-creative capacity.

New Paradigm Set - all 7 essences- $42.00

Heart Set

Hawthorn - single essence

Helps elevate the heart to its rightful place, sitting on the throne, where it rules the house of one’s being in a harmonious way. For those who are overly engaged in mental processes or who need to follow their heart.


Heals the heart when it has been repeatedly wounded. Softens and mends the tattered edges of the heart allowing trust to enter in.

Heart’s Ease (Johnny Jump-Up)

Lifts burdens from the heart allowing light heartedness. Gladdens the heart by bringing in joy and laughter.


Heals the heart from wounds with the family of origin. Allows the heart to accept one’s family the way it is understanding the important role family plays in one’s life.

Bleeding Heart

Helps to heal broken hearts from any love loss whether with another person in an intimate relationship, loss through death, loss of children to adulthood, loss of a friendship, loss of plant and animal species, or loss of life on this planet as we know it.


Keeps the heart from “street life” by supporting the heart protector or pericardium. Helps one to live the passion of their heart. Keeps the heart warm and the flame of the heart burning brightly.

Sacred Basil

Puts one in touch with the Holy Heart or Sacred Heart – that place within the heart that connects one to the Divine. Helps one to be in service to the Divine.

Heart Set - all 7 essences - $ 42.00

Obstacle Removal Set

Artemisia - single essence

Removes stuck, blocked or intrusive energy. Clears closed chakras and removes clogged energy at base of neck bringing integrity to the spine.


Heals the wounded inner child returning one to the pure place of a child prior to damaging influences.


Allows the grief from any loss to become compost from which something beautiful can grow.


Helps overcome the fear of being all you possibly can be walking your true path. Gives the courage to soar to the stars with limitless creative expression.


Helps one to continue to evolve spiritually by honoring soul contracts with family of origin thus not having to repeat the same lessons.


Helps resolve both inner and outer conflict moving beyond the “not good enough” syndrome. Removes that which is in conflict with ones soul’s path.


Helps one get to the core of an issue by striping away facades. Goes to the core of one’s being to remove obstacles to one living according to their own true nature.

Obstacle Removal Set - all 7 essences- $42.00

Protection Set

Echinacea - single essence

Protects one from psychic attack. Protects those who are very sensitive and pick up other’s energy. Good for practitioners. Also protects from environmental pollution and electro-magnetic overload.


Protects and heals from the wounding inflicted by the patriarchy. Helps men embrace their masculinity in a full bodied way integrating heart, soul and spirit becoming a “new warrior”. Helps with cutting inappropriate energetic cords. General protection.


Defends and protects the heart like a mother lioness protecting her cub. Heals where mother did not defend and protect her child – mother betrayal.

Sacred Basil

Protection on all levels especially when in a particularly vulnerable state or need added protection. Protects the Holy Heart in its connection with one’s soul.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Helps one be in touch with their angels and the protection they give. Good for small children.


Protects from intrusive energy. Provides elemental protection.

St. John's Wort

Protects the auric field from energy leakage by filling holes created from spiritual malnourishment which leads to spirit loss. Adds fuel to the inner flame when it is burning low helping with early stage depression.

Protection Set - all 7 essences - $42.00
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