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January Season of Hope From the Head to the Heart Winter Water - Frozen in Time Choosing Words that Free Our True Essential
Pugyo of Sweetwater Sanctuary  
2017 Winter Issue
Plants as Agents of Change
February Gaiacology Creating the Bond Come Sit by My Fire Live the Life You Love Imbolc and the Return of the Light      
March The Balance Point The Sustainable Vision of
Cracking Open Can Plants Save the World? Seeds of ONEness  

Humans Taking Up Our Place within the Original Trinity


April Weathering with the Elements Greenbreath .Choosing Life in a Nuclear Age Blessed Spring Ode to Spring Managing the Forces   Late Spring 2016
May The Season of Love Silver Linings The Power of Prayer Morel walk     Spring 2017
June Healing with Flowers Labyrinths Restructuring, Re-patterning and Re-informing The Holy Act of Planting a Garden The Teacher Appears  

Becoming a Nature Evolutionarie

July The Spirit of Sanctuary Prayer Trees Thunderbird Feeding Fire Within and Without   In Salute to the Next Generation    
August Gifts of the Harvest Connections Tell Someone You Love Them Green Nations Gathering        
September Delights of a Garden Celebration Hurricane Irene - A Story of Love and Life Precious Water        
October Reflections Water; The Original Medicine Spread Love Angelica Initiation Living with, Learning from and Loving Your Landscape      
November Ancestors-Human and Other Becoming Indigenous Radiating Light A Thanksgiving Prayer   Announcing 2015
Courses and Events
December Changing Times Planting Seeds Exploring Inner Landscapes     Winter Solstice 2014   WINTER
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