by Mark Carlin and Pam Montgomery

Today is one of those days only the Gods are capable of gifting us with. White cumulus clouds roll over the mountain in oceanic waves continuing on their floating way through the bluest of blue sun warmed skies. Breathing in the exquisite beauty of this day we are filled with deep appreciation for the Healing with Flowers conference just gone by. What marvelously courageous and dedicated healing practitioners, learners, listeners and beauty walkers came together for education, reunion and ceremony. All who came remain vividly in our hearts and minds as does the resounding message of the vital importance of growing our relations with the plant world – our true providers and teachers.


This day of recuperation from the satisfaction of gathering with kindred folks brings rushes of gratitude for the seasonal quilting marching through the northeastern woodlands as the multitudinous shades of green give way to the take-your breath-away displays of the lower spectrum hues - red, orange and yellow. While the radio reports give little hope, the reality of Nature’s invitation to attend the Autumn ball dispels our fears and lifts our spirits as this tremendous transformative beauty of Mother Earth’s ecstatic celebration again erupts amongst the tree beings as they dress for their final hurrah.

So we contemplate today and reflect upon all that’s been given and provided us here at Sweetwater Sanctuary’s Partner Earth Education Center throughout the growing and teaching season of 2009. It’s been a year filled with wonderful students so willing, so able, and so open to receiving all the information, gifts and healing that the plants have to offer. What we know to be true, beyond a doubt, as stewards of this simple sanctuary, is that each person’s conscious, reverent, and reciprocal relationship and communication with the beings that form the fabric of our existence – the plant nations – serves as a blessing on this land and directly plays a part in feeding the spirit of this land. It is this that creates the vibration of life-giving sustenance and loving kindness that folks undeniably experience while at Sweetwater Sanctuary.

On the threshold of scheduling for 2010, we are happy to continue with the increasingly popular Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship as the plants continue to turn up the volume and call forth those who are ready to be in service to the green beings who are guiding us during these transitioning times. The plants continue to bring forth new ways of working and with this in mind next year’s apprentice program will increase to seven months.

Stay tuned as we attempt a tapestry of sometimes smooth, sometimes raggedy, sometimes too small to find or too large to fit in pieces of intended offerings that just might weave a worthy garment that could possibly clothe the Holy helping to serve that unseen place that keeps life alive. We are updating our website during these next few weeks, so keep checking for what’s coming up here, around the country and abroad.

May you celebrate, like the migrating geese feeding for flight, the abundance of the waning growing season while continually remembering your great indebtedness to the elements, the plants and all the unnamable forces of this great Creation, this bounteous Earth.