The Balance Point

by Mark Carlin and Pam Montgomery

March issues in that most exciting event of the first official day of spring but more importantly it brings the Equinox where we are reminded of the balance in all life. As the natural forces that balance light and dark surround us we begin to feel that invisible force containing the movements that must surely hold the rhythms, the pulses, the ebb and flow of nature close to its heart while being cradled in harmony. Science calls them the laws of nature while homeostasis speaks of life ever seeking balance. Observers of human society refer to a political pendulum shifting between perspectives constantly moving yet seeking a certain maintenance of social stability.

The Burren. County Clare, Ireland

Riding a great wave where previous social constructs are undergoing an economic demise, societies of people are lifted atop this surge of change and realize a storm is brewing. From this elevated advantage of a rising wave of change, we can see much further than what still, calm water allows us. While traveling by canoe I'm always impressed with the change of perspective brought by making camp on a slightly elevated point or humpback ledge rock where only a modest rise above waters edge provides a transformed vision of my environment.

Many of us, for a long time, have felt deep in our bones a restless anxiety about the unsustainability of society's endless material pursuits, and have envisioned its limitations and eventual fracturing. As the cosmic pendulum swings back and forth and some anxiously pursue job security and savings investments and stylish home improvements sandwiched between pleasure trips to exotic places of (previously) unspoiled beauty, others anxiously pursue intentional communities, indigenous sacred ceremonies, and survivalist camps where folks might save themselves like the biblical Noah "when a hard rains a gonna fall.” But the invisible pivot point whereupon the pendulum hinges may see this all as the human being naturally responding to huge planetary shifts whose time has come.

In like manner, our response to the shifts that are rapidly underway may be enlivened by the very existence of these big changes. Now is the time, here is the place, we are the people. When have so many cried so many tears for a world gone wrong? When before have these many earth peoples felt in their bones the awakened stirrings that sing a song acknowledging that we are all in this together and there's no way that only half the ship is capable of sinking? Get to work we must. As Obama said from the words of Scripture, "it is time to put away childish things."

Can you feel the excitement, the nervousness of being out of the comfort zone? Can you see the momentous opportunity of living in these shifting times? For some reason I had always equated the little I knew of Mayan 2012 prophecy with doom. I knew the Earth was under terrible assault as exploding populations of people on this planet increasingly manufacture comfort and convenience while abandoning relationships with the essential land and water that feeds them. Then I read an in depth interpretation and sharing of the prophesy explaining the liberation at hand, the great turning toward balance and equilibrium, the reemergence of the human spirit, the regeneration of Earth and Her peoples. Now I see the responsibility dawning on civilization to reinvent itself and I feel a part of the greater whole, the high tide lifting all boats, the interconnectedness of all life systems, and I celebrate and give thanks for all that has gotten us to this point. "Here comes the Sun, little darlin’, it's been a long, cold, lonely winter. Here comes the Sun, it feels like years since its' been here."

With magnificent wonder for Earth’s annual renewals, born out of the deep dreamtime slumber of winter’s long, wise, darkness, we rise as indebted servants in service to this planet, this earth, these peoples, and this time, and we do what must be done for all life to live. What a gift! Thank God for change, thank Goddess for home, earth intelligence and human intelligence together cooking up a recipe not for disaster but instead one that feeds life itself for its own sake.