The mere presence of flowers in a bouquet or adorning a garden walk can change the energy of people and places. The arena of plant consciousness is gaining widespread attention as science begins to recognize what shamans have known for millennia: plants are intelligent beings who have led the way of conscious evolution for both people and the planet while having the ability to effect profound healing.

The fragrance, color, beauty, and essence of flowers open ancient doorways by awakening memories of when we lived in harmony with our own true nature. Join us as we focus on the flowers whose vibratory imprints carry patterns that enable deep healing to occur on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

This informative and inspiring retreat will be chock full of classes on flower essences, plant spirits, aromatherapy, geomancy, and plant ceremony. We will explore their multiple uses both personally and in a healing practice. As we delve into healing at a source level, our co-creative relationship with nature will emerge as an essential ingredient.

During these dramatically changing times we are being called to raise our consciousness to another level. Our evolution began with plants and, as before, they are leading us in our next level of development. This time our evolution is of a spiritual nature and the flowering plants and their indomitable spirits are guiding us, yet again.