Season of Hope by Pam Montgomery

A fresh blanket of snow has arrived to help usher in the New Year. As I gaze upon the crystalline flakes reflecting glistening rainbows I am reminded of the slow but sure return of the light that has given hope to humans for millennia. This feeling of hope rings true at the very core of my being and so I begin this New Year filled with the knowingness that this too shall pass whether it be failing economy or deep winter. From this hope filled place I have decided to not view the current state of affairs as bad but instead look at the good that can come like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

crop circle

Crop Circle at Milk Hill in Wiltshire (Southern England)

Perhaps many of you know the term deep ecology, coined by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, the precepts of which embrace the idea that humans are a part of nature not separate from or better than. The deep ecology movement has had a major impact on how many view the earth and her beings and very likely contributed to the ground breaking legislation in Ecuador where the new constitution gives nature the “right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and its processes in evolution” and mandates that the government take “precaution and restriction measures in all the activities that can lead to the extinction of species, the destruction of the ecosystems or the permanent alteration of the natural cycles.”

When I hear that governments are acknowledging that nature has equal rights to humans I am filled with hope.

Likewise, a brave new activist, Bill McKibben, has recently written a book titled Deep Economy. With similar insight as the Deep Ecologists, McKibben sees the possibility of an economy that supports the health of people and the environment instead of “big is better” and corporations rule. This viewpoint is also supported by Yes Magazine as one of its top ten reasons to be hopeful, “That rip-roaring economy we’re all supposed to be trying to bring back was tearing through the world’s rainforests, mountaintops, aquifers, fisheries, soils, and other resources, driving thousands of species toward extinction, changing the climate, and leaving billions behind in the rush for “economic growth.” So, painful as it might be, this downturn represents a chance to build a different sort of economy—one that offers dignity, livelihoods, and a future for our children.”

When I read these words it feels like a new beginning in a new year in a new era – the era I have always dreamed of living in and I am filled with hope.

A blessing to each and all for the New Year from Go Gratitude

May your brilliance be reflected in the eyes of all you meet.

May the blessings of Life be felt in thought, word and deed.

May you drink deeply from Wisdom’s cup.

May you see the gift in every challenge, the sacred in every step.

May laughter roll your belly as you delight in Creation’s mystery.

May you breathe freely, Love deeply, rejoice wildly and create passionately.

May you be at peace, whether your bowl be empty or full.

May the Light of Love shine brightly upon your soul.

May you listen deeply within, faithfully heeding the guidance of Spirit.

May you wake to dream each day, remembering NOW is all there IS.

May you feel the energy of co-creation flowing through each hand.

May you remember to honor and give thanks for our Motherearthland!

May you experience the bliss of a well-lived day …

Forgiving ignorance; releasing regret, guilt or shame.

May you be sovereign, and to thine own Self be true.

May you remember each person makes a difference …

… and that person is YOU!