Gaiacology by Pam Montgomery

With the rebirth of spring in the air and the breath of fresh air blowing through this country I ponder, once again, how I can be more effective in bringing about the changes necessary for our global community which includes Earth and all her beings. You may recall in the last issue of the Green Nations News I mentioned the Deep Ecology movement and the importance it has played in raising our awareness of our place and effect in nature’s web. Even though we are now realizing our effect on nature and have a President prioritizing a positive shift in that effect I still feel there is more we can do. Al Gore has said that beyond political action there must be a “spiritual response” on this planet to change the devastating direction in which we are headed. Along with the changes necessary with policy, energy usage, consumption and earth killing habits a shift into Gaiacology may trigger the “spiritual response” called for.

Gaiacology is our relationship to a living Earth and its biosphere. This is not a concept to be understood but a reality to be lived where our emotions are engaged to the point of loving the Earth we walk upon while being grateful for each breath provided by the plants, longing for the warmth of the sun and honoring of each sustaining drop of water. When we consciously experience the foundational elements of earth, air, fire and water our cells remember the inherited need to affiliate with nature known as “biophilia”. Naturalist and doctor, Carl von Essen says of biophillia, “that it can be a limitless, seamless sense of attachment to all creation, an innate spiritual feeling for all being, call it nature or call it God.”

It is imperative during these times to not only answer the call of our new President for each American to do their part to effect a positive change but also to answer the call of Gaia to remember our deep, loving attraction to her and all her beings. Perhaps when our love for Gaia becomes unconditional with the undeniable sacredness this engenders a spiritual awakening may sweep this planet calling us home to our birthright of harmonious life-giving connection to all creation. In this connection there is no separation between us and the Earth so that when we nurture nature we nurture ourselves, when we love the Earth we love ourselves and when we remember our inheritance we engage in the co-creation of sustainable life.