Attracting the Abundance of the Universe

by Pam Montgomery and Mark Carlin

Everywhere I turn today I’m being told that we are in a recession headed for a global depression. It is not the information that disturbs me as much as the social fear that the information generates and that creates an atmosphere of tension – the tension of “not enough” or the projected threat that times are going to get more difficult and there’s much to fear. Yet, I look around me at the incredible abundance of nature and ask myself, “How is it possible to not have enough in an abundant universe that continues to expand?” I can only surmise that the “not enough” scenario is a quirk of human psyche or a misunderstanding of the nature of being human rather than a flaw in the natural design. Living in fear of scarcity or doom is a contradicting energy with the reality of nature.

The question then is not whether there is enough but how to attract abundance into ones life through right livelihood and proper alignment with ones inherent gifts and instinctual abilities where the challenge of emerging realities seems less overwhelming. Even though, as a society, we may be faced with adapting to a cultural lifestyle of less material opulence, could this not be Nature’s way of helping bring back into balance health, wholeness and harmony? Do we not feel, at least on our better days, a wild freedom, breathing a great sigh of relief over old paradigms no longer held onto, old denials that separated us for too long from the earth, from ecological wholeness? So let us view life as a cup half full instead of a cup half empty. On an atomic level the dominate vibration is what gets responded to so when the resonant vibration is that of fear we attract more fearful situations or if the resonant vibration is joy we attract more joy. We also know that like attracts like so when we want to attract abundance in our life we match our vibration to that of abundance. We live abundantly by being generous with our time, money and loving kindness.

It is difficult to shield from our energy field the constant bombardment of crisis stories in our society. In real or imagined times of crisis we tend to forget that we are beings of light and that source energy
abounds. We forget that source energy is available to us at any given moment especially via the plants so if we slip into fear we obscure our light. Fear then begets fear reducing light, lessening our ability to tap into source energy, creating stressful situations of “not enough” that undermine our health.

When the tidal wave of fear reaches such magnitude we must remember to fill ourselves with light-filled source energy letting the true essential nature of our being align with the inherently abundant universe.

In this vibrational alignment we thrive and attract abundance in accordance with natural law. Abundance can be yours in this very moment, starting with your breath receiving the light filled breath from the plants – breathe in abundance, breathe out fear, feel your body relax as you breathe in abundance and out fear aligning your vibration with that which you want to attract in your life.

More than ever, it is important for us to embrace the truth of our being realizing that when we live according to our true essential nature we take our rightful place in the vast interconnected web of
life walking the path that is uniquely ours. Follow your bliss – it will guide you home. By coming home to yourself you align with nature that is in service to life and therefore serves you on your path. By embracing the “Yes” vibration you step into the free flowing source energy of the universe where obstacles disappear and plenty abounds.