Volume 9, Summer 2014

Dear Friend,

Summer is upon us and what a blast of heat we had this past week. We are so grateful for the mountain stream that is central to Sweetwater Sanctuary as it brings such cool refreshment and delightful singing as our backdrop for communing with plants. We just finished our Plant Spirit Healing Intensive and here is Shannon enjoying the stream.

shannon in stream


2015 Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship

Pam will be teaching her highly acclaimed Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship again in 2015 and has just announced the dates. This will be the last Apprenticeship of this kind to be taught at Partner Earth Education Center. Space is limited so call for an interview soon to reserve your space.

Green Nations Gathering

Earlybird discount deadline has been extended to July 15th


Register now at www.greennations.org

Or hold your space with a $100 deposit


There are a few spaces left in the Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-rite class to be held August 1-3 in Marshall, North Carolina (outside of Asheville). Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your relations with the green beings.


Organization of Nature Evolutionaries



Is bringing folks together in Gratitude Circles each full and new moon working with a particular theme. This month is focused on pollinators.

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Plant Consciousness Conference

plant consciousness

For all of you across the big water – This will be a fantastic event. There are speakers all day on Saturday, October 4th with Pam doing a full day and evening on Monday guiding you in an intensive of Plant Communication. Tickets are going fast so register now.



Thanks to Barbara Broadbent for all this issue's photographs

In Salute to the Next Generation by Mark Carlin

To the generations containing both our aging herbal wisdom keepers who subtly, gradually, and appropriately loosen their attachments and begin gracefully slowing down after the many decades of continuous work and efforts planting, tending, harvesting, and disseminating plant based knowledge, plant spirit understanding, flower essence brilliance, and  workshop dedications, we address this newsletter, and to the younger ones now, the newer bloods we'll call you, the wide-eyed, unlined faces and, able-bodied strong ones who see much broader and with more exacting vision, ones who are responding to the calls of the plants and the calls of the earth, calls for help, calls for courage and leadership and willingness to be truly human enough to work at keeping this more-than-human world alive, loved, flowering and cared for and praised, we want to recognize and address this generational evolution.

At a recent funeral of a favorite uncle when after many, many, seasons since last seeing so many of my blood relatives, it was profound to see how weathered and weakened the elders looked, how aged the graying haired mid-lifers had become, how profound the resemblances, in face and expression, all the young vibrant children had to their parents and cousins, and how special and holy it felt when passing near a tiny baby, beautifully angelic and silently dreaming in a young mother or father's cradled arms.

Rivers of time carry us all, mortal beings, transitorily and briefly alive within this great pulse and tide of birth and death. And sometimes, especially in this summer expanse of long, warm, grass growing, flowered days, we count our blessings for the abundance of growth and precious ease of the season, feeling lucky for being aware that things like quiet reflection and communion with pollinating beings are at hand and before us now.

As we move along in our seventh decade of life Pam and I often remark at just how amazingly aware and awesomely bright many of the younger generation of herbal and plant people are, the ones we see and teach here at Partner Earth Education Center, the ones across the country who are taking up the reins of existing conferences like the Green Nations Gathering, their minds harboring ecological recognition and awareness of the drastic changes erupting upon the surface of the earth. Within the body politic of the informed and concerned person, the members of this younger generation I am referring to are like bodies of dancing diamond sunlight that shimmer and flicker atop the surface of a wild mountain lake, shining brilliantly and beautifully in their own time, while in a timeless continuum of human response to an ecologically shifting landscape.

The color I’m applying to this canvas is the recognition of the urgency for an embrace and return for a world made by hand, for a gratitude for those who care more about the planet and the place and the land they live in than for the ladder climbing aspirations of a home in the burbs and a frozen dinner in the frig and a promise of a golf course retirement. There is so much at stake and so much possible……but the times demand nothing less than living well where we are and growing communities of sustainability right here at home. The conveyor belt of endless promises delivered to our doorsteps while the world burns is crashing up against the shores of real world limitations. Nature is neither a resource nor a warehouse. This earth is holy, as is the air and the waters, for us as humans must be custodians and care givers more than consumers. Can we, as lovers of creation and recognizers of limitations and mortality, work together, gather together, make prayer and ceremony and offer gifts from our hands and hearts and minds to the more than human world in some new responsive ways to arise from the societal slumber of flight-based terror and passive surrender to out-of-control collapse of reason, environment, economy and culture and do the hard and necessary work to live in service, the best and truest ways we can, that serves the health of this precious planet and the generations of people, plants, and animals to come? I think we can, and when I stand amongst the young bright new generation of courageously co-creative dreamers and life-givers I have hope that my granddaughter will inherit a most beautiful world, a world filled with the song longing to be sung that lives in my heart, a world restored to the Garden it truly is.

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