Volume 10, Autumn 2014

Dear Friend,

Announcing 2015 Courses and Events

The last class has ended, the gardens are put to bed and the wood stove is burning. Even though Pam was on sabbatical last year from her apprenticeship program it was a busy year of travel to North Carolina, California, Italy, England, Ecuador and around the east coast. We are looking forward this winter to slowing down, dreaming, reading and doing a bit of occasional writing.


We are excited to announce the courses, classes and special events for 2015. It will be a full year and we are looking forward to seeing many of you here and/or there.

pam teaching

Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship

This course is almost full and it will be the last apprenticeship Pam teaches at Partner Earth Education Center in Vermont.
She will teach an apprenticeship near Nevada City, California in 2016.

Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-rite

This highly acclaimed three day course is not to be missed. If you want to learn to build relationship with plants or trees and deepen in a co-creative partnership to the point of receiving their healing gifts then this is for you. This course is being taught by Pam in Vermont, Ohio, Pennsylvania and England. Pam’s Teacher Associates will teach this course in other locations. Check back about where to find more Plant Communication courses.

Plant Initiations; The Shamanic Nature of Plants

This three day ceremonial event takes your relationship with one plant to a very deep level beyond what you can even imagine is possible. Profound healing takes place as you emerge renewed and restored to a more complete and full you. Plant Initiations will be held in Vermont with Mugwort, California with Rose and Wales with Hawthorn.

woman with plants


The Yoga of Plants

This weekend class held at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts combines the unitive state of yoga with deep communion with plants. You will learn to bring into your practice the conscious connection within the human/plant matrix that taps directly into source energy.

Plant Spirit Healing

Plant Spirit Healing is more than a modality; it is a healing into life where each day we recognize the beauty way path of becoming whole. Working with the plants at this depth level answers the two main questions we come into this life walk with: who am I and what am I doing here? We will explore the dynamic matrix between plants and people where the vital essence of plants brings us into alignment with our true essential nature walking the path we are here for. This class will be taught in England.

The Shaman Path – Living a Daily Spiritual Life in Kinship with Nature

with Rocio Alarcon

This six day course is in two parts for those who have already received beginning level teachings from Rocio. Please inquire about receiving the first level of training in order to attend this further in-depth study with Rocio.


Journey of Transformation and Deep Encounter with Dandelion

In the Magical Land of Damanhur

We will journey to Damanhur, an eco-society, in the springtime of the year to experience the depth of spirit that rises up from the land and lives within the people who have chosen to walk a path of beauty in co-creative partnership with nature. We will visit the Temples of Humankind known as the eighth wonder of the world, walk circuits to bring inner and outer balance, open our hearts to the singing of the plants, receive direct transmission from Selfic paintings, deeply commune with the Sacred Woods as well as engage in a two day ceremony of Deep Encounter with Dandelion. We will be joined by Damanhurian citizens during the Dandelion Ceremony as this is their signature plant. After this profound journey your life will never be the same.

moon door at damanhur

Plant Consciousness Conference

Pam will be returning to the
Plant Consciousness Conference in London, England October 2-4. The conference was so well received this year it will be expanded next year. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting event.

boris austin photo

One of the many great joys (and there were many) of attending the Plant Consciousness Conference was meeting Boris Austin whose incredible photographic art can be seen in amongst our website and other communications. You can find out more about Boris’s work at www.borisaustin.com.

flowerStay tuned for our December edition that will be dedicated to trees and all their majesty including a piece on Mother Trees, Tree Orientation and the Tree of Life. We will offer resources, video clips and personal stories.

woman with tree

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