2016 / 2017 Winter Issue

Dear Friend,

Normally at this time of year we are quieting, calming and dreaming as we settle in to the long winter but this year carries a different kind of energy. There’s a sense of needing to wake-up and be more vigilant. The time of letting someone else “take care of it” is over. We all need to take responsibility for our actions and be present in our communities to bring forward a future worth living for.

We continue to recognize that Earth, water, air, plants, animals and people have equal rights to thrive. We here at Sweetwater Sanctuary support and Stand with Standing Rock acknowledging that Water is Life and a precious and sacred element. There are various ways in which you, too, can support the Water Protectors who are courageously taking action to protect water for ALL of us and our children and grandchildren. Visit the gofundme campaign to supply wood for the winter or directly support the Medic and Healers Council.


Photo credit is Dallas Goldtooth

Partner Earth Education Center is taking a bit of a breather this coming year as we reevaluate how and where we place our energy. Our wildly popular Plant Initiations are still calling to be offered and Yarrow has stepped forward to help us with “Healing Deep Wounds”.

We are delighted to be bringing teachers from Damanhur in Italy to present New Era of Alchemy, an Introduction to the Alchemy of Living Forces. This is the first time we have offered such a course and we are excited to bring these exceptional teachings to you.

Pam will travel to Toronto, Canada to teach Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-rite. This course has been a favorite for many years because you learn to build relationship with plants and trees where they then become your teachers. This is the only Plant Communication course being offered in the east this coming year so you don’t want to miss it.

Later in the year Pam will be bringing Plant Spirit Healing to Australia. All of you down under and over there don’t want to miss this opportunity as it may not come around again for a while.

Pam will not be teaching her Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship in 2017 but her Associate Teacher, Jen Frey, will be offering an apprenticeship based on Pam’s teachings.

Pam is stepping in to more service work via the avenue of the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries. We ask that you consider a year end donation to help continue “Connecting the Heart of Nature to the Heart of Humanity” as we bring spirit into all of our actions while living in co-creative partnership with all our relations.


The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn

As darkness descends and we slip silently toward the longest night I trust the light will return with the passing of the Winter Solstice and yet I fear being plunged into a very different kind of darkness, one that may take years to lift. Being a rather “bowl of cherries” kind of gal this unfamiliar and uncomfortable shroud that is constantly weighing on my shoulders leaves my bowl half empty instead of half full. I find myself drawn to the powerfully rushing mountain stream of Sweetwater Sanctuary to find solace, to listen to the voice of water, to wash away my burdens and to pray, not just any prayer, but a prayer that I offer as if my life depends on it.

“Water, precious water, ancient water, thirst-quenching water, purifying water, life-giving water, without you we cannot live. You who are the same water that has been here since the beginning nourishing Earth, making clouds, falling as rain, running through underground rivers cycling through Earth and air over and over always returning. We are so grateful for the blessing of you who bring the green beings in the spring, you who make the plants grow tall, you who bring them to flower and then to seed. Without you we would not be able to re-seed Earth bringing nourishment on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thank you great flowing one for the heart soothing music you constantly create with your sister stones and brother banks. Your purifying wetness washes away the static as polarities are balanced so the current can travel unencumbered. We thank you for that. As we drink from your underground river where you surface our cells delight as they are surrounded with wild water, water they remember as ‘self’.We are forever grateful that you run so clean and pure right here, right now. You are the gift that keeps giving, surely you are a God or Goddess, a sacred being. Thank you for not forgetting us, we do not forget you and we pray for your health and long life.”

After making prayer I feel my heart open and my life force strengthened. I realize how much I love my Mother Earth and Grandma Water, they really ARE my kin, my relations, because I would not have my life if it weren’t for them. I’m reminded of biophilia which is our inherent love of life and other life forms. There is a theory that in our genetic make-up biophilia exists at a DNA level. So even though Earth, water, air, plants, trees and animals are different life forms from us we still have a deep love for them because we are intrinsically connected to all of this life. Our very health and well being is dependent on our loving bond with all our relations.

As I return from the stream a beam of light breaks through the dark clouds, a smile slowly creases my lips and I remember, I remember who I really am related to all this pulsing life around me – Earth, water, trees, plants, wind, sun, moon, all filled with the vital principle of Spirit. Ah, the healing gift of prayer, this living conversation with spirit, helps me remember that I am not alone, helps me connect to all my relations both human and non-human and gives me hope as I remember this darkness ends with the dawn.

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