2018 Winter Issue

Dear Friends,

As the wheel of the year turns once again we look ahead to the coming year with hopes of contributing, in whatever small (or big) ways we can, to a world worth living in, for all our relations. One of the ways to bring forward this common dream for all of life on Earth is to engage co-creatively as a Nature Evolutionary. We encourage you to support the work of theOrganization of Nature Evolutionariesto connect the heart of nature with the heart of humanity as we recognize nature consciousness as a living entity that has the right to thrive.

In this coming year we are excited to continue to offer Plant and Tree Initiations. This year we are offering several for you to choose from both here in Vermont and in England. Who is calling you – Nettle, Elder, Maple, Hawthorn or Tulsi? Plant Initiations take you deep into connection with the heart, soul and spirit of a particular plant. This very intimate sharing allows for guidance on many issues, opens doors of perception, brings healing on all levels and expands one’s consciousness. Plant Initiations are very popular and fill quickly so be sure to get your deposit in soon.

We are so excited to bring a NEW class to Partner Earth Education Center this year. Plant Spirit Healing Expressed Through Visual Art will take you beyond your perceived limitations and bring new ways of expressing the healing gifts of a plant ally. Visionary artist and Plant Spirit healer, Jackie Lewis, will join us from the UK as she guides us in creating beauty, bringing forth healing and deeply connecting with a plant or tree.

Pam will be participating in a dynamic webcast series coming up soon. Voices from Gaia is led by Mare Cromwell who brings experts from various backgrounds together to tap into our non-human relations to see what they have to share. Be sure to join us for this exciting Webcast which begins January 17th and goes to March 7. All the sessions are recorded so you can listen more than once or receive a recording of one you may have missed. For more information and to register go to: voicesfromgaia.org

I am thrilled to bring to your awareness the first ever film where a plant is in the leading role. Tulsi, Queen of Herbs, features our beloved Sacred Basil as well as herbalists who work with her including Pam. Producer and director Tish Streetan says of the film, “With stunning visuals, Tulsi’s story is told through poetic interpretations of the myths, and through the people with whom she has chosen to work - herbalists, doctors, vets, Ayurveds, farmers, mothers, dancers, priests. The interweaving of myth and lyrical documentary creates a sense of magical realism, affirming our interconnectedness, and transforming our consciousness.” Please support the creation of this film on Indiegogo at:



Kindle Your Love Light

by Pam Montgomery

Every year at Winter Solstice a community of friends and acquaintances gather to share a simple ceremony to welcome back the light. We sit in silence in the dark as we individually go within to see what we need in order to rekindle our inner flame or to help our flame burn brighter. Then we each light a candle on the central altar and speak to what we need in order for our light to burn brightly. I am usually a fairly upbeat person but these last few months I have gotten on a treadmill of negative thought patterns that seem to go round and round in a, seemingly, never ending cycle. I find that this contributes to lack of sleep, frequent colds, inertia and general unhappiness. As I sat in the darkness this year I explored my inner landscape becoming aware of the barren mountain top where I seek vision, the plants that are more kin to me than those of flesh, the life-giving water that sings to me and yet at the center the cup that normally overflows was half empty. I wander looking for the flame, the fire that normally invites me to sit by its’ side but I am wrapped in a cloak of darkness. I hear my jagged breath and feel the rising anxiety, surely there must be some light somewhere. I remember to focus my breathing in my heart and here a glimmer forms as a calm wave washes over me. This glimmer is like a spark of new life that ignites a larger flame of love. This love glow begins to fill my inner landscape and I remember. I remember that love is the most powerful force in the universe and that when I fill my cup with love and then drink from it my heart and mind align and I can step off the worn out treadmill of negativity and bask in my love light.

Several years ago I began a campaign called “Spread Love”. This year I want to revitalize this campaign and suggest you light your love light by spreading love though your thoughts, words and simple acts of kindness. You can visit this link on our website to receive a “Spread Love” card that you can copy off and give to others. “Let us learn to give love generously, to express love honestly and to receive love graciously. The condition of the planet and its people may very well be the sum total of the love that exists in it. I am expressing my love for you to help change the balance to a more loving world.”

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