Volume 7, Winter

Winter, 2013

Dear Friend,

Another turning of the wheel and a whole New Year begins. We send you blessings for an abundant, peaceful and joyful year where your hopes, dreams and visions come meet you.

We still are offering our Holyday Specials until the full moon in January. Don’t miss out on these offers for discounted essences. Our new Manifest Your Dreams essence goes to those who send deposits now for classes coming up in the 2014 season. Other special news is we have reconfigured the Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-rite class to be held in North Carolina so that its cost is commensurate with other classes of the same type. All you folks down south check it out. If you register now you will receive a free Manifest Your Dreams essence. We continue to add classes to be taught here at Partner Earth Education Center and elsewhere. Be sure to register early to secure yourself a spot.


The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries has been in the making for the past several months and now we have a newly emerging website with lots of exciting plans for good Earthworks. We launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help us seed this new organization. If you haven’t already donated please consider being a Seeder of ONE.

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries is a multi-dimensional co-operative organization of teachers, practitioners, gardeners, earth stewards, students and community members who have dedicated themselves to a renewal of kinship with Earth and all her beings. Our intention is to bring awareness to the wider world of the inherent need of all humans to be in deep relationship with plants and the natural world which is the source of our sustenance. This relationship is one of co-creative partnership where plants, animals, water, air, land and all beings of nature have equal rights to thrive. We view the heart as the primary organ of perception and seek to receive guidance, make decisions and take action from the heart space with Love as our guiding force.

We will be co-sponsoring the Green Nations Gathering in 2014 with Thyme Herbal. Next year we will return to Frost Valley YMCA where we’ve held the conference in the past. Our new website is up and we are adding information as it becomes available. Registration will be open by Spring Equinox so keep checking as we add teachers and workshop descriptions and other news of what’s new and exciting.

The Pugyo of Sweetwater Sanctuary by Pam Montgomery


This past summer we had the good fortune to have Rocio Alarcon come to share with us shamanic healing practices of Ecuador taught to her by her Granny and others of the Amazon region and the Andes highlands. There are many different practices but a very central theme in many of the practices is cleansing and clearing one’s energy body. There are various ways in which to do these cleansings and one is with the use of pure wild water. While walking up the stream with Rocio to find an appropriate place to do night bathing I mentioned a spot just down stream where during the very dry time of year all the water pours down a hole leaving a large section of the stream dry. Rocio immediately asked to go to this area of the stream. This place is what I have referred to as the “magic spot” as it feels like where the nature spirits of Sweetwater live. The rock formation is distinctly different, the play of light is more ensparkelated and the whole area has a more dynamic quality to it. Upon arriving at this place Rocio dropped on her knees over the hole and began whistling, praying and putting her hands in the water that was pouring down the hole so she could wash her face and neck while obviously being overcome with deep emotion. She told us that this was a Pugyo. She said there are Pugyos all over the world and that they are all connected by the water that travels underground. These sacred healing places are portals to the dimension where the spirits of the water and land live. Rocio observed that this Pugyo was closed and insisted we open it so we could connect with the other Pugyos of the world especially the ones in Ecuador.

After our class, Rocio, Mark and I went back to the Pugyo with gifts in hand to feed the Pugyo, to make prayers and to ask the Pugyo to open back up. Every once in a while when I’m in the forest I hear the spirits of the forest singing and this day at the Pugyo they sang. As I offered my gift I stood and looked around thinking someone from the class was singing nearby. As I looked around Rocio said, “Do you hear that? The forest is singing in gratitude for gifting the Pugyo and the spirits that are waking up and returning to this sacred site.” I began to weep in joy and gratitude for such a deep encounter with the water, land and nature spirits.

Since then Mark and I have made frequent pilgrimages to the Pugyo bringing gifts and offerings so that it may continue to be open, life-giving and connected within the underground web. What is very curious is that after Hurricane Irene the spring behind our house stopped running except in very high water times and even then it would run for only a day or two. As soon as the Pugyo was opened this past summer the spring behind our house began to flow constantly and abundantly. Water going in and water coming out – they are all connected. As the portal opens to the wider world the dreamtime dimension also opens. More connectivity is available on all levels as the unseen dimension has no limits. As the water goes below the surface its power, its wildness, its radiant effect and what it has to share with all is increased as it enters the vast underground web of the Earth’s dream. Here in this Earth dream Rocio and the Pugyos of Ecuador meet with us and the Pugyo of Sweetwater Sanctuary. When you come across water going in to the Earth or water coming out, as in springs, stop, make a prayer and allow yourself to be in communion at this Earth altar.

“Every walk to the woods is a religious rite, every bath in the stream is a saving ordinance. Communion service is at all hours, and the bread and wine are from the heart and marrow of Mother Earth.”

- John Burroughs

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