2017 Spring Issue

Dear Friends,

Finally, spring has arrived to the north country and the Trout Lily, Trillium, Morels and Leeks are in full swing. It is such a blessing when the Earth warms, the mountain stream rushes from high elevation snow melt and the birds scurry to make their nests and lay their eggs. We hope you are able to get out and enjoy the renewal that spring brings.


The Plant Initiations are such a profound way of deeply engaging with plants and trees. This year we offered a Yarrow Plant Initiation which immediately filled up and then offered another one that is now full. So in order to accommodate all of you who still want to experience an Initiation we are adding a NEW one that will be with White Pine. I have been wanting to work with a tree for a while now and what better one than the magnificent White Pine. As I consulted with White Pine what emerged was that this “Tower of Strength” tree wants to support the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries. So when you attend this Tree Initiation you will not only touch into All That Is via this “tree of life” but you will be benefitting O.N.E. because all the proceeds will go to this great organization. Click here to learn more and to register (and hurry because these Initiations fill quickly)

Another exciting course being offered at Sweetwater Sanctuary this summer is the New Era of Alchemy taught by Suricato and Gazza from Damanhur in Italy. Damanhur is an Eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values and has been awarded distinction from the United Nations as a model community for a sustainable future. This New Era of Alchemy brings about self-transformation and the evolution of one’s spiritual being by interacting with the laws governing time, matter and thought. The objective is to balance and learn to use the precious elements inside each one of us and “manage the forces” of our external environment in order to be an active force in our own evolution. This is a rare opportunity to work with master Alchemists to bring about inner and outer transformation.

You don’t want to miss the ever popular Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-rite class being taught by Pam in Toronto, Canada this year. Good communication is at the foundation of building effective relationships with plants and trees. Once we learn (remember) the common language that exists between plants and people we can then build relationships that go beyond casual friendship where these magnanimous green beings become our beloveds. We then experience the deep merge with our plant allies where there is no separation and the healing gifts of the plants live within us. This class will give you the foundation to learn directly from the plants in order to bring about healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Pam is traveling to Australia in November and is inviting all of you “down-under” to take place in this Plant Spirit Healing Immersion. This is the first time bringing Plant Spirit Healing to Australia so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You are guaranteed to gain a whole new perspective and abilities to engage in healing personally, professionally and planetarily.

pam in trees
photo - Boris Austin

Nature Consciousness by Pam Montgomery

There's an excitement in spring as if we are being readied for a great gift to be bestowed upon us. We step into the school of Nature Consciousness filled with libraries of old, new, often forgotten but easily remembered teachings. As we venture into this vast arena of potential one only needs to open oneself to receiving the wisdom that is everywhere. Some of the greatest maestros in this school that generates all life are the plants, the GREEN beings. These very expressive and communicative teachers are always available to nourish us, respire with us, heal us, entrain with us, sing with us, transfer light to us, inspire us and teach us.
So here we are enrolled in the greatest learning center of all time and yet how do we avail ourselves of these profound yet often simple and accessible teachings? Did you know that one of a plant's signals to begin growing is when a brief (one minute) light is switched on after being in hours of darkness. I have contemplated this understanding for a while and have discovered that it is true for humans as well. We can be in the dark for the longest time but it only takes a brief switch-on of light to begin our growth. It's like that one Aha moment, or that moment of true connection, that moment of being in awe of spring green, or the home coming of being grounded in place or, further, the recognition of life- giving breath from the plants, the remembrance of drinking water directly from the Earth or the sense of belonging when walking amongst tall trees is all that is needed to switch on the light within to see what is waiting to be explored, discovered and learned.
Then comes the most beautiful part of being a student in this most amazing university we call life which is: when the student is ready the teacher appears. Each time we raise our consciousness one more notch we are presented with another flowering or gift of learning. In my own experience the plants taught me about themselves, like who could be eaten and who’s medicine is to take internally. They taught me through my sensory awareness and as my relationship grew I was shown how to deepen through my heart and receive felt sensations of their inherent vibratory resonance. When I was ready they made me more consciously aware of my breath by taking something as simple and common place as breathing and teaching me a way to breathe with them that breaks down barriers, opening doors that I didn't even know were there and inviting me to enter realms of deep bonding.  Then they offered themselves as Initiators much like old-time village ways of initiating youth into becoming adults only now plants are initiating us into what it means to be truly human.

The level of communication being attempted is profound and yet as simple as listening to the symphony of a stream, the chorus of birds in the early morning hours or the whistling of wind blowing through trees and in these moments a memory stirs of a time when we easily communicated with the natural world. You realize you actually DO know how to communicate with plants, trees, water, wind and Earth as a part of this great Nature instead of being separate from it. Maybe this great school of life we are enrolled in isn't teaching us anything new at all but is actually helping us to remember.  As we remember, bit by bit, who we truly are plants support and encourage us by giving us one more piece to remember, exactly when we are ready.  Perhaps if we allow ourselves more Aha moments of light-switching-on experiences, we will initiate yet another level of growth. Who knows, maybe we can become real human beings, again, and take up our rightful place within Nature. As we become aware of the All encompassing Nature Consciousness that we are a part of we know that Earth and all her beings have the right to thrive as much as we do. Earth rights and by extension plant rights are imperative not only for us in this present moment but certainly for our children’s children. In this great school of Nature Consciousness let us hold our banner high for a flourishing Earth filled with life-giving plants. Let’s embrace this Earth right as if our lives depended on it.

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