Volume 8, Spring

Dear Friend,

......Welcome to spring (well, almost). It has been a long and hard winter but the robins have returned and snows are melting slowly under stubbornly rising temperatures. Soon enough green little shoots will be poking their heads out, saying "what's up?" Now if you live in California spring has been happening since January, so watch out, here comes summer. With the promise of a whole new green season we are so excited to bring you offerings that put you in deep contact with the plants, trees, Earth and all the elements.

Our preeminent course, Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-rite is being held in
six locations this year to make it more convenient for you to attend. We have early bird discounts to help you save on the course fee but register now as classes are filling and deadlines are springing toward us.

A slightly different slant with new material presented will be a class entitled Plant Intelligence to be held at Rowe Conference Center in Rowe, Ma. Rowe is a beautiful campus and you will surely enjoy the community ambiance and great food.

Because I’m not teaching my apprenticeship this year many of you asked for something that would incorporate working with plant spirits in personal and professional healing treatments along with building relationships with plants. We have answered your call by offering the Plant Spirit Healing Intensive, a five day jam-packed course including, deep connection with plants, energy anatomy, healing treatments, and ceremony. We will work with the "forces” of the seen and unseen realms and align with the positive energies of the planet and cosmos, all while being in supportive community and held in a sacred sanctuary container of exquisite natural beauty.

For advanced students we are offering 2 Plant Initiations, one in California and one in Vermont, and an Advanced Plant Spirit Healing class. All of these courses will incorporate new material that continues to be offered by the plants and new healing activities Pam is engaging in.

crocus in snow

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries will be presenting a
Spring Fling on Saturday, May 31st,
at Greenheart Healing Center in Boylston, MA. The six Creative Life Gardens of ONE will come alive in a daylong outdoor event to celebrate the seasonal return of the Green Beings and the vibrant “hum” of spring. The gathering will open and close in joyful harmony with Mother Earth. Activities for all ages include nature education, personal and planetary healing, active stewardship, dramatic play, and co-creating community and harmony with all of life. We will walk on the land, sit with the plants, listen to the trees, speak from the heart, and have lots of fun! This is a great way to support ONE, get involved, become a member and stand with the Earth and all her beings to create a new paradigm where all of life can thrive.

green nations gathering

Registration is open for the Green Nations Gathering. Please click on the above banner to visit our website and register now. Even though this event is not until September we expect it to fill quickly. You also can support the green nations by becoming an individual, community or business sponsor.
Check the sponsor page on our website.

Managing the Forces by Pam Montgomery

Pam managing the forces

In our last newsletter I shared with you about the Pugyo (pronounced pōgyō whose literal Quechua translation is “eye of the water”) of Sweetwater Sanctuary and the opening of this portal which then links it to similar water “eyes’ in the world. Many of these water areas became sacred sites in cultures throughout the world: Holy Wells in Ireland, Sacred Springs throughout Europe, River Shrines in India, Cenotes of the Yucatan in Mexico, to mention a few. A group of us have recently returned from Ecuador where we traveled with healer and shaman Rocio Alarcon to various Pugyos within Ecuador. Rocio taught us that we, too, have Pugyos in our bodies which are entry points to where the fluid, water or lymph flows. She taught us how important it is to keep these Pugyos open so the fluid can flow freely keeping us clear of accumulated waste or debris. The earthly sacred water portals have always been spirit dwelling places where the Forces are concentrated. This is why over the millennia pilgrimages have been made to these special spots. Many Pugyos on the planet have been closed due to human desecration or natural forces such as floods and earthquakes. People find their Pugyos closed due to illness, energy body pollution, or a lack of remembrance of the connecting link these powerful waters create amongst plants, trees, animals, elements, Earth and humans.

It is crucial to open the Pugyos of the world both within the landscape of humans and the landscape of Earth. When the Pugyos stay closed we are unable to tap into the Forces of life - seen and unseen - that help us negotiate the twisting, turning, bright, bumpy, flat, mucky, hilly, ecstatic, shining, slippery, dusky, exquisite, deceiving, challenging, beautiful, prayerful, fun, peaceful, watery, light-filled landscape of life. There are many Forces to manage, and opening Pugyos by attending to and being in practice with them helps us to neutralize negative energies and harmonize with all the Forces of Nature. To operate in a shamanic way Rocio urges us to “manage the Forces”. As we learn to recognize Pugyos, create ceremony to open them, nourish them through feeding and gifting, and keep them active by incorporating their water into practices for both our bodies and the Earth, we engage with the spirit world and work in harmony to establish balance in our own life and balance with nature.

There are particular frequencies that support health and well-being and these frequencies match certain cosmic and earthly ones. Ideally we match our frequency to these so we can maintain an alignment with the natural forces. By keeping ourselves clear and clean with the help of Pugyo water, plants, trees and the invisible nature spirits we are able to “manage the forces” with anything from negotiating a difficult situation to reaching emotional calm, to averting near death, to opening to the magic afoot, to living a life of peace. As we care for ourselves we see that there is no separation between us and our beloved planet. Our body is the earth and the earth is our body. Though we are wounded and scarred, as is the earth, by healing ourselves the Earth heals, and when the earth is healthier so are we. One of our Ecuador adventurers, Jen Frey, makes this suggestion for raising our frequency- “Most importantly, connect with Nature.  Additional ways are: eating well, getting adequate sleep, reducing exposure to toxins, breathing deeply, exercise, reducing stress, doing things you love and enjoy, laugh, have fun, surround yourself with people who feed your soul. Then of course there are the supportive therapies: Flower Essences, Plant Spirit Healing, Acupuncture, Energy Work, Shamanic healing, Massage and others” like cleaning one’s physical and energy body with water and plants known as “limpia practice".

As we clear the detritus our heart, mind and spirit are able to hum at a frequency that brings homeostasis and well-being. We easily attune to the positive vibration focusing on the solution - not the problem - and “we manage the forces” to the benefit of all.

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