2016 Late Spring Issue

Hello Friend,
What a long slow unfolding spring we are having. Since this is my favorite time of year I become exhilarated (well, except when it snows which seems more like winter than spring) and renewed. Somehow the plants seem to manage through the erratic nature of this time of year and, in the end, step up the pace of growth once the warmth comes. Our pace, too, increases as the gardens need planting and then tending along with the constant flow of harvesting and storing that starts sooner than you can imagine it will. This summer, in and amongst the busy-ness, I am committing to at least one day a week to “be” with Earth in whatever manner she chooses to direct me, so a day without a plan or, more importantly, a list.

I will be in the UK again this July. I am teaching a Plant Spirit Healing Intensive which is an
in-depth course taking the teachings of building relationship with plants to the point at which they give you their healing gifts to the next level of how to actually use those healing gifts. Even though this is not an apprenticeship, per se, it will have all of the substantive material of the apprenticeship I have taught for many years. This intensive will be held in two parts both this year and next. Since the plants are calling me to journey with them in new ways this may very well be the last time I teach a course of this nature. I know many of you in the States were hoping for another apprenticeship but that is not going to happen so this course is as close as you will come to an apprenticeship.

I also will be sharing a Nettle Plant Initiation – three days of ceremony with a most formidable ally. These times are challenging us to walk, talk and take action with a new kind of strength, the strength of a warrior but one whose heart is courageous and true. Nettle is stepping up to the plate to guide us in bringing Nettle Plant Initiation-Core Strenght to Birth a New Warrior

The basis of Plant Spirit Healing is your relationship with plants and in order to have a deep and solid relationship you need to know how to communicate well with plants. My foundational course for this is Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-Ritewhich I will be teaching in Vermont at Partner Earth Education Center in August. This class can give you all you need to begin and continue building relationship with plants to the point where they give you their healing gifts.

For students who have already completed the Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship the Advanced Plant Spirit Healing class sets you on the path of becoming a Certified Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner and helps you to get a firm grasp on working with clients using Plant Spirit Healing. In addition, this year there will be an added day for those wanting to learn how to perform soul retrievals. Even though the class is not until September sign-up now to secure your spot.
For those of you working hard spring, summer and fall we have a treat in store for you January 2017. We will spend a luxurious week in tropical paradise on Vieques, Puerto Rico. This gem of an island is not to be missed as it is home to the 8th wonder of the world, Bio-luminescent Bay. The bio-luminescent algae in the bay is called “liquid light” with characteristics both of a plant and an animal. We will work extensively with this light-filled plant/animal. There are only a few spots left so sign-up soon for A Deep Encounter with Plants of Pleasure and Living Light Algae; An Ensparkelated Tropical Adventure.

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries has a new user-friendly website that we would love for you to visit. Also, each month we have an hour long FREE tele seminar on various aspects of our current bi-annual theme which right now is “the wild”. These seminars, taught by leaders in their fields, are inspiring and informative. What does it mean to you to be a Nature Evolutionary? We’d love to hear from you with your ideas. So come check out what we’re up to and join us in whatever way you are called.

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