2015 Autumn Issue

Dear Friend,

It is so good to be writing to you after finishing an amazing teaching year here at Partner Earth Education Center and other locations both in the US and abroad. What is becoming apparent is that more and more people are waking up to the magnanimous nature of plants and all their many gifts. It is a delight to connect with folks far and wide as they spread the good teachings that the plants, Earth and elements are bringing to us.

As we look forward to next year we would like to announce some of our classes. The Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship to be held in Nevada City. Ca. has a few spaces left. Please contact Pam now for an interview. We will also be offering the enormously popular Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-Rite in Vermont and most likely other locations. Stay tuned for the additional locations this class may be offered. A Dandelion Plant Initiation will be held in Hiram, Ohio (sorry the St. Johns Wort Initiation in Vermont is already full).

We have connected deeply with our brothers and sisters across the big pond in the United Kingdom. Pam attended the Plant Consciousness Conference once again this past year and her following continues to grow. Even though she is unable to commit to an apprenticeship in the UK she will be teaching a five day Plant Spirit Healing Intensive (Part I in 2016 and Part II in 2017) and a Plant Initiation during the month of July next summer. Please stay tuned for the details of these courses.


boris austen
photo by Boris Austin
Annual Fundraiser
the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries

As we look to the year ahead, our growth seems to be exponential!  We have so much planned for 2016 including filing for our 501c3 status, hosting a tele-seminar, growing our newsletter, expanding our website, creating more videos, holding more ceremonies, and connecting with other organizations,
to mention a few.

We ask you to please support ONE by making a donation to help this work grow and help us bring our dream of a better world into fruition. We have many “gifts” for you to choose from in exchange for your generous donation. Have you always wanted to take an on-line herbal course or have a relaxing retreat on Martha’s Vineyard or maybe an antique floral print for your wall? All of these and more can be found in our fundraiser. Don’t wait to donate as these great gifts will surely go quickly. Thank you for supporting the Earth and all her beings through the work of ONE. Click here to participate in ONE’s fundraiser.

Becoming a Nature Evolutionary by Pam Montgomery

As long as I can remember I have been a nature lover. While growing up in the Ohio River Valley and spending summers in the eastern mountains of Kentucky with my Grandparents I was outside all the time playing in the fields, forests and gardens. One of my early memories is digging potatoes with my Granddad. He would fork up the soil and I would dig through the dirt to find what seemed to me like treasures in the form of potatoes. I would put them in a basket and bring them to my Granny who would later treat us with a dish of green peas and new potatoes. These formative years on my Grandparent’s farm were the foundation for my love of plants in their many guises and the on-going journey of becoming a Nature Evolutionary.

In the early 70’s I was a part of the back-to-the-land movement where we attempted to live as much as possible from the land by growing our own food, heating with wood, caring for our own health with medicinal herbs and bartering for things we couldn’t make ourselves or work we couldn’t do ourselves. We were young with lots of energy and such high ideals but little understanding of the deep relationship that was inherent in living with the land instead of off the land. We still heat with wood, grow much of our own food and heal ourselves with herbs but the focus has shifted with our maturity. Over these many years we have grown to view the land and all it has to offer as a partner and one that we are in a co-creative relationship with. This co-creative partnership is the foundation of becoming a Nature Evolutionary. Through co-creativity I have learned that I have an equal responsibility and participation in this relationship with Earth and all her beings as I take up my rightful place within nature.

As a Nature Evolutionary I have come to recognize the sacred in all life and am constantly reminded of the importance of honoring this sacredness though prayer, ceremony and reciprocity. The Earth, elements and plants give so much to me and to be in right relationship I must give back. So I give of myself in whatever way I can but mostly I remember this sacred covenant humans have with Gaia. When I remember the part of myself who never left the land, that indigenous self, then I step fully into my true essential self. As I embody my Nature Self my primal knowingness is that there is no separation between me and Earth, me and plants, me and water, me and air, me and the cosmos, me and all of life. I know that to harm Earth does direct harm to me and my fellow humans.

As a Nature Evolutionary I continually strive to shift the current paradigm to one that advocates for equal rights for Earth and all her beings. When we stand on equal ground it is hard to forget the sacred that infuses nature with the vital life-giving principle; the dynamic force which makes life live. In my work and play as a Nature Evolutionary I strive to infuse the Green Renaissance with this very life-giving principle so that all the Earth Work we do is done with the knowingness that the sacred is at the core. In order to bring this life-giving principle more fully into what some would call the “environmental movement” I and others have created an organization called the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries otherwise known as O.N.E. Through this organization “Our intention is to bring awareness to the wider world of the inherent need of all humans to be in deep relationship with plants and the natural world which is the source of our sustenance. This relationship is one of co-creative partnership where plants, trees, animals, water, air, land and ALL beings of nature have equal rights to thrive.” Have you been a Nature Evolutionary for years but had no language for it? Are you a budding Nature Evolutionary trying to find your way through the heart wrenching shock of climate change and all its implications? As a Nature Evolutionary do you know at the core of your being that you must participate NOW in a global Green Renaissance to benefit the generations to come? You are not alone and together as Nature Evolutionaries we can make a difference.


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