Volume 6, Issue 3

March, 2013

Dear Friend,

Maple sap, the original spring tonic, is flowing from the trees while the light in the sky grows with each day as we round the corner toward Spring. This time of year is bitter sweet for me as I realize that the exploration of my inner landscape is coming to a close and the quiet fireside “being” mornings will soon give way to early sunrises with long doing-filled days.

We have so many wonderful classes to offer you this coming season. The PLANT SPIRIT HEALING APPRENTICESHIP has only two spaces left so if you are being called by the plant spirits to do this very deep work now is the time to pick up the phone to schedule an interview. 802-293-5996. If you aren’t able to commit to a long term program of this nature we have three opportunities for you to deepen in relationship and communion with plants through our highly acclaimed three day weekend, Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birth-rite being held in California in April, Minnesota in June and Vermont in July. This class has been called “not just a workshop but more like a life-changing event”. Register now to ensure your spot in this transformative experiential long weekend. We announced last month that Rocio Alarcon would be teaching The Shamanic Path; Living a Daily Spiritual Life in Kinship with Nature and you responded enthusiastically. Even though this class is not until late August and early September we are already half full. The other class I want to remind you of is “The Art of Herbal Brewing and Fermentation” with Mark Carlin and Brittany Nickerson. Those of you who frequent Sweetwater Sanctuary have had the great pleasure of engaging in preventative healthcare by drinking your medicine, mostly in the form of Sacred Basil beer or mead and our famous Mugwort beer. Mark has perfected his brewing techniques and has so much to offer you in how to make your own health-enhancing brews. Brittany, our dearly beloved cook of the last few years, is teaming up with Mark to add her “fantastic fermentation”. You’ll learn to make kombucha, herbal sodas, sauerkraut, kavass and much more. Getting healthy has never been so much fun!

Seeds of ONEness by Pam Montgomery

world one

There is so much talk of oneness these days and I often ponder what oneness is. In the Deeksha training from India a Oneness Blessing occurs when you tap into the universal life force and allow it to flow through you into another person. In the New Age culture oneness places us all in this together kind of like a pile of puppies cuddling with each other. There are some organizations like the American Enterprise Institute who believe a One World Order would cure all of our ills. For some, oneness carries the threat of mono thinking and acting eliminating all diversity. As I contemplate oneness I sense a huge heart space where together we pulse in a coherent rhythm putting us in alignment with not only the hearts of each other but with the heart of the world/nature. This space honors the uniqueness of each of our expressions with the recognition that the same sun shines on all of our heads as we drink the same ancient water and breathe the same oxygen from the green beings while walking on the same Earth. But how do I manifest healthy oneness where I step into the sacred space of life-giving essence and honor all the diversity that creates a thriving web of interdependent connection?

This past weekend others who are asking this same question gathered in Vermont, California and via conference call to vision a world of co-operation, sustainability, sacred reciprocity, active engagement, ceremonial honoring, supportive networking, and creative expression while shifting into a brand NEW way of being on this planet. Sound grandiose – maybe but we must imagine such a world before we can manifest it. Up until now, we have been calling this venture the Nature Renaissance Collective but as we put our hearts and heads together we realize this does not accurately describe what our visions hold, thus the creation of the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries or ONE. In keeping with our vision there is a movement afoot of evolutionary spirituality and a book describing this called Evolutionaries by Carter Phipps. The entrenched view of Darwin’s theory of evolution being that of natural selection and survival of the fittest is questioned. Evolutionaries suggests that there is a strong spiritual component to evolution that has more to do with raising consciousness than being physically fit.

This gathered group of hopeful humans came to realize as we talked, felt, prayed, listened and journeyed that we are creating something new, we are evolving into a new human that recognizes the rights of Earth and all her beings, placing our hearts in the primary decision making place while honoring the sacredness of all of life. Our emerging Vision and Mission are:

Our vision is a heart-centered community dedicated to actualizing the full potential of kinship with Earth and all her life forms, systems and dimensions. As humans, we recognize our mutual sacred trust to honor and nurture all that sustains and inspires us.

Our mission is to cultivate co-creative partnership with Earth and All her Beings through the Life Art Gardens of education, stewardship, ceremony, creative expression, activism and healing. We build multi-directional bridges between the natural and human worlds while creating a container that is safe and sacred.

As a fledgling organization we have much work ahead of us with many hours of volunteering our time to bring our vision into a working model. We invite ALL of you to participate in this collective effort to help us (that includes you) to shift into being truly human and living with ONE. Can you imagine it? –click below and stay tuned, there’s more to come.


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