Volume 6, Issue 2

February, 2013

Dear Friend,

We told you last month about two Teleseries that started on January 28th. You can still sign-up for these and, by paying a modest fee, download all the sessions. Pam is participating in both these conferences so you don’t want to miss them. Sign up for the Guardian Gateway and the Feminine Business Model on our website.

Please continue to visit the Nature Renaissance Collective page on our website as we continually update it with classes being taught by Associate Teachers. Dee Holden, a former Teacher Assistant to Pam is presenting two great classes on Plant Communication to be held in British Columbia.

We are so excited to announce one more class for the upcoming season at Partner Earth Education Center. The well-known and highly respected ethno-botanist and shaman, Rocio Alarcon of Ecuador, will be teaching a four day intensive on The Shamanic Path; Living a Daily Spiritual Life in Kinship with Nature. Rocio’s vast knowledge, strong connection with Earth, spiritual integrity and open heartedness make for just the right combination to have a depth experience that strengthens your spiritual ecology bringing you closer to being all you possibly can be connected to all of life. You’ll want to sign-up early as this course is sure to fill quickly.


There is still time to save on the Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship if you pay in full by March 1st. In order to receive this Earlybird discount email greenpam@vermontel.net now to set-up an interview with Pam. The interview process is a way to make sure this is the right program for you at this time.

Imbolc and the Return of the Light
by Pam Montgomery

We have emerged from the darkest hour with the Wheel of the Year turning again, this time into what is known as Imbolc. On February 2nd in the northern hemisphere the light returns as the sun begins its northward journey once again. At this cross quarter day between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox the angle of the sun markedly shifts so that we feel the sun more intensely. In the Celtic tradition and beyond this day is a High Holyday and fire festival honoring the beginning of spring (in some locations), the stirring of the seeds (in other locations) and the time of lambing – the word Imbolc means lamb’s milk. It is the time to honor awakening from the deep repose of winter, into the promise and potential of renewal. This is the preparatory time for the first day of spring that is now only six weeks away. As we move from the still point of winter into the beginning of stirrings within us, we ready ourselves for the rebirth that spring is sure to bring.

Christians have a corresponding celebration called Candlemas which is known as the feast of the purification of the Virgin Mary. After forty days of purification following Jesus’ birth Mary presented him at the temple where he was recognized as the “light of the world”. Presumably this is the reason to light candles at Candlemas – reminding us of the light in the world.

The High Holyday of Imbolc is more notably the celebration of Brighid, the Celtic triple Goddess who became St. Brigit for Christians. Brighid is the bard and poetess, the healer and midwife and the smith crafter. She appears as maiden, mother and crone while she protects the young, cares for the animals and watches over the hearth. On Imbolc Brighid initiates maidens into adulthood teaching them to embrace their wise woman selves.

snow goddess


Unknown author

Brighid of the mantles, Brighid of the hearth fire,

Brighid of the twining hair, Brighid of the auguries,

Brighid of the fair face, Brighid of the calmness,

Brighid of the strong hands, Brighid of the kine.

Brighid, friend of women, Brighid, fire of magic,

Brighid, foster mother, Brighid, woman of wisdom,

Brighid, daughter of Danu, Brighid, the triple flame.

Each day and each night I call the descent of Brighid.


That the power of healing be within us,

That the power of poetry be within us,

That the power of shaping be within us,

In earth, and sky, and among all kindreds.

Kindle your flame in our heads, hearts and loins,

Make us your cup, your harp, your forge,

That we may heal, inspire and transform,

All in your honor, Brighid, font of blessing.


Brighid above us,

Brighid below us,

Brighid in the very air about us,

Brighid in our truest heart!


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