Volume 5, Issue 8

August, 2012

Dear Friend,
Blessings on the first harvest and the cross quarter season of Lammas. Here at Sweetwater Sanctuary we are harvesting kale, swiss chard, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, garlic, onions, tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini. The peas are pulled out and the corn is on its way. What an abundance of food at this time of year not to mention the many herbs and healing plants that want to be dried for winter teas and made into essences! We are ever grateful for good soil and enough rain to bring us the bounty of this harvest.
Our news to you this month brings to your attention the Green Nations Gathering. This conference began many years ago in the Catskill Mountains of New York and continues today in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts at the Rowe Conference Center. This gathering has a long tradition of honoring the Native teachings of this land and the renewable blessings of simple Earth ways which include the healing gifts of plants. Please join us this year to Celebrate Community as we bring health, well being and healing plants to each of our communities to ensure thriving into life.

New Green Nations Gathering Logo

Green Nations Gathering-September 21-23, 2012-Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, MA

The Green Nations are communities of people who love Earth, respect all her beings and honor the interdependent diversity needed for peaceful, sustainable life. We are herbalists, gardeners, farmers, environmentalists, holistic healthcare providers, spiritual ecologists and earth stewards who gather to learn, inspire each other, network for the planet, play and renew our commitment to live in beauty and walk in harmony on Earth, our partner. Ours is a revolution of the heart, taking action to make the world a better place for life.

New Format - Longer In-Depth Workshops - Presented by Community Herbalists and Practitioners

Keynote Speaker

Pam Montgomery

Our Guest Teachers

Andrea & Matthias Reisen

Teachings from the Plants
Walking with Your Plant Allies (a wild plant/weed walk)

Dr. Jody Noé

Cherokee Herbal Medicine
Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Treatment Best Practices

Michael Steven Ford

Learning Plant Families: Taxonomic, Botanical & Phytochemical Characteristics
Botany from the Ground Up (a weed/wild plant walk)

Chris Marano

Five Spirits, Five Emotions, Five Organs
Unsung Local Heroes: A look at lesser known local medicinal plants

And More

Emporium ~ Case Study ~ Herbal Storytelling ~ Demonstrations

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