Volume 5, Issue 1

January, 2012

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year and what a year it promises to be! We are excited to be alive in such transitional times or as a kindred plant lover said to me recently during times of “the Connection”. As we embark upon the potentially (and likely) exciting journey of 2012 perhaps we will become more connected or bonded to that which gives life bringing meaning and purpose to our lives. It is more important than ever to align with your dream for what this world can become and what your role is in this new vision. When we align with the truth of our being the universe supports us. Many of you have been called to connect/bond with the plants, the elements, the animals and Earth in ways that are deeper, clearer, heart opening, healing, path-finding and paradigm shifting and yet haven’t been able to remove the obstacles of not enough time, energy or money in order to respond to this calling. The universe is continually expanding which means its very nature is abundant. As we open to the infinite potential, aligning with the abundance and free energy of the universe, we unburden our hearts and minds of imposed societal shackles. This is the year to go for it, dream big, and allow the unexpected to emerge. Live your vision.

In the spirit of abundance we are inviting you all to a free open house at -
Sweetwater Sanctuary in the spring. This will be an opportunity to experience the exquisite beauty of the land, drink wild water, walk the labyrinth, ask for blessings from the prayer tree, and receive healing from our gardens while sharing stories with Pam and Mark. Stay tuned for updates on this event by visiting our website.

Partner Earth Education Center at Sweetwater Sanctuary offers many opportunities to act upon what you are being called to and fulfill your dreams. The 2012 teaching season begins in April with the Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeships. This unprecedented form of learning directly from the plants, the Masters/Matriarchs of light, teach us to align with our true essential nature walking the path our souls intend while working personally, professionally and planetarily to affect lasting change. The Earth Spirit Healing Intensiveis an opportunity to immerse oneself in earth wisdom ways and work within the matrix of Gaia/human sentience to bring healing to people and the planet. The highly acclaimed workshop Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birthrite brings you to a level of beloved relationship with the plant world. For those with shamanic experience with plants don’t miss the Plant Initiation weekend. This advanced class with Celtic priestess and plant healer, Carole Guyett, offers an opportunity to enter an expanded state of awareness as the plant beings open doors of perception. For advanced Plant Spirit Healing students to receive your practitioner certification bring a case study to the Advanced PSH class. For those students wanting to become a PSH teacher you can attend the Teacher Training.


by Pam Montgomery and Mark Carlin

Wow! The year 2012 has arrived, the most written about and talked about year next to the one in which Christ was born. All indications are that we are in for big changes (more than your usual year of change, like 2011 was for us). From what I can glean from various sources (my own guides included) we are in the midst of a huge galactic shifting which affects our planet and, consequently, us. We have available to us a wider range of frequency both in the visual and sound spectrums which translates to more light and vibrational resonance. All of this additional light and resonance produces higher (and lower) frequencies with the resultant sense of overload to our own energy body or electromagnetic field/aura. For many this feels like overwhelming stress as everything becomes speeded up. What I have found, with the help of the plants, is if I match my resonance to the surrounding frequency then I don’t feel stressed but instead I move into alignment with myself and my environment. Along with this I can consciously choose the frequency level that feels manageable to me at the time. The grounding of this understanding began in the spring when I was laying in a field of Bloodroot. I had an undeniable sense of purity flood my being as Bloodroot infused me with the gift of uncluttered, nontoxic, obstacle-free, truthful knowing. I had a profound sense of this frequency within me and the experience of the pure light emanating from the plant to me. Within the total frequency of Bloodroot the sound was the word purity. My body received the resonance of purity through the felt sensation of a pristine clear flowing river coursing through my entire being. After this I played with the word purity and found that it shifted my frequency when I used it. I also became aware of other words I use and the incredible potent vibratory resonance they carry. As words changed thoughts changed and as thoughts changed actions changed, spiraling on and on. This lengthy explanation is a preface to a very simple way to begin to shift our frequency to be more in alignment with our vision for the coming year and beyond. The profound simplicity is to change our words. Use words that feel good when they are thought and spoken, coin new words, make new combinations of words or change words that normally would be a noun into a verb or vice versa.

These are some of my favorite words that feel in alignment with my vision for “the shift” that is upon us:
*radiance – brilliant light beaming from within and without,
*thrive – to flourish, grow and prosper,
*numinous – holy, spiritual, multi-dimensional,
*beloved – dearly loved, that which touches my heart deeply,
“be love” as a noun and beloved as a verb,
*communion – finding common union, sharing and unhampered communication Some newly coined words I like are:
*transillumination – the transference of light,
*lumelligence – light intelligence,
or my favorite,*ensparkalation – filled with twinkling light and love.
Some combinations I like are *spiritual ecology – one’s relationship to their spiritual environment or *nature renaissance – the renewal or rebirth of nature through recognition of our inseparableness.

Words can be used as a blessing or a curse. Take a moment to recall how it feels to be showered with blessings from another who recognizes your beauty and gifts versus receiving heart-breaking words of judgment, negativity and profanity. We can shatter the sound barrier with our words of beauty, unshackling the bonds of limiting frequency. We can feed life with our eloquent words touching not only our hearts but our spirits, indeed Life and Creation itself.

In the Great Turning Wheel of Time to which the wild horses of our souls are inextricably tethered, let us imagine freedom as our birth-rite and speech as our vocal response that echoes the sounds of All that lives, breathes, crawls, flies, roots, flows, erupts and shimmers. We are being called upon to cross a threshold into new, more enlightened ways of being and to enter 2012 with grounded fluidity and courageous adaptability. Let us “be” in the world in rightful relationship. When we walk the earth, carry water, plant gardens, witness stars and galaxies, may we know ourselves as family by carrying love and respect for all our relations. Let our potent words be flowers of freedom that we pluck from the bouquets of our fragrant hearts, and, like the sweetness of a kissing breeze, lovingly touch the whole sensitive skin of creation. May the beauty that you are reverberate across hill and vale lifting all life to a higher frequency in this New Year.

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