Volume 5, Issue 10

October, 2012

Dear Friend,

The heralding of this new season has begun in earnest. This week, for the first time this year, I heard the geese flying overhead beginning the long trek to their southern winter homes. As I sit here writing to you out my window are leaves of gold and red with mottled green and yellow splashed here and there. The trees in all their glory are dressing up for the final hurrah of the season. And what a grand display it is! With the turning of the wheel of the year into Autumn our focus shifts away from the gardens where the abundant harvest is complete. Now we ready ourselves for the long frosty nights by filling the wood bin, lining the canned goods on shelves in the cellar and tucking away the herb beds for their long winter nap.

With only a few classes left in this season we begin to look to next year as calls and emails begin to arrive in anticipation of the 2013 teaching season. We are still finalizing dates but do have highlights of the upcoming year to whet your appetite. We are dreaming, asking the plants and consulting real time calendars in hopes of finding ways to accommodate your requests. However, there are only so many weekends in a teaching season so we will see what this next year brings. The good news is this year’s Teacher Training program will provide other excellent teachers to guide you in learning how to be with plants in a new and dynamic way. We will be posting these teachers and their classes on our Website so keep checking back.

Pam has not been able to see new clients during these teaching months but will begin with both old and new clients again in mid November. Check out the healing session page on our website to see how to set-up an appointment.

Angelica Initiation by Pam Montgomery

We had the great good fortune recently to have Carole Guyett from Derrynagittah Herb Centre in Co. Clare, Ireland with us to lead us in three days of deeply profound ceremonial work with Angelica archangel. After preparing ourselves with clearing away what may not serve us during this initiation and setting our intentions with uncluttered focus we began our journey by prayerfully mixing the already prepared Angelica components together to form the Elixir we would ingest for the next three days. Everyone had profound experiences which are continuing to unfold but I can only speak about my own.

I was presented with a particularly intense healing journey with Angelica as two days prior to the beginning of the Initiation I fell and broke my right wrist/arm. At first I was not sure I could participate as I was experiencing much pain but I had a heart knowing that all was unfolding exactly as I needed for my Initiation. What I knew to be true was I had been given a huge opportunity to work on very big issues in my life (loss of control, asking for help, patience, being instead of doing, just to mention a few) while being initiated into being truly human perceiving with my heart and taking up my rightful place in the vast web of nature.

As I sat by the stream taking in the essence of Angelica my senses shifted into heightened awareness as an exquisite scene of winged ones displayed an array of acrobatics, stream bathing and song before my eyes. I sat transfixed by what I was observing. How could I have missed this before? Surely these birds had done this very same thing many times and yet in all my years of sitting in this same spot I had never observed life and all of its happenings in quite this way. I felt in that moment that I was being prepared for a slice of life that perhaps I had never experienced before.

After many other encounters with Angelica in the labyrinth, through Greenbreath, and dismemberment the much grander winged presence began to be revealed. I have never had a particular affinity with angels so don’t relate to them as guides even though intellectually I have imagined they exist. I also have balked at the association of Angelica with angels thinking it was an old Christian throwback to times when the only help one could have was from an angel or saint. When this magnanimous presence started hovering over the land I asked Carole who or what this could be. She calmly replied, “Well that would be Archangel Michael, the patron of Angelica.” I was stunned as my belief system reeled slamming me into a reality I could not deny. The experience of such an omnipotent presence was overwhelming and yet brought about a magnificent state of grace.

Now I know that Archangel Michael with his sword of light is here at Sweetwater protecting and watching over this sanctuary and all who abide and visit here. What an amazing gift to be given by Angelica!

Photos with this article were taken by Erin Summers directly following the Angelica Initiation. If I were able to type with more than one finger on my left hand I would share more but the pictures really tell it all.

angelica love

Angelica Love

archangel michael

Archangel Michael at Sweetwater

pam and carol

Pam and Carole


Straight to the Heart

sword of light

Sword of Light

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