Volume 4, Issue 8

August 3 , 2011

Dear Friends,

Blessings to you at this Lammas time of year when the fullness of the season is upon us.
Dates have been chosen for most of our classes for next year and we want to let you know about them as so many of you have been asking. You won’t find descriptions of everything yet but at least you will have the dates.

The California Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship will be held again at the beautiful Mountain Home Ranch in Calistoga www.mountainhomeranch.com. April 19-22, June 21-24, August 23-26, and October 19-21. This program is the same as the one we do in Vermont only formatted a bit differently. (It does not include the week long herbal training – you will need to come to Vermont for that).

We also have dates for our Vermont Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship. This year we are changing the format to accommodate as many folks as possible. There will be three levels of the apprenticeship.

The Level one ( April 27-29, May 18-20, and June 15-17) focuses on plant communication, building relationship with plants and earth healing. This level can be taken independently of level two and three and is for those only interested in enhancing their relations with plants.

Level two (July 20-26) is a week long herbal training course. What I have found over the years is that many folks who come really know nothing about the properties of plants and how to prepare them. For those who have taken the PSH Apprenticeship in the past and want this kind of info you can join in.

The Level three (August 10-12, September 7-9, September 28-30, and October 26-28) will be for those also interested in becoming Plant Spirit Healing practitioners. This level of participation requires taking all three unless you can verify an extensive herbal training which means you would not need level two. I hope this hasn’t completely confused you.

Toward mid-August our website www.partnereartheducationcenter.com will have complete information for 2012 dates, a full calendar and the full description and details for classes and workshops.

There are several programs for advanced students in 2012. The advanced class where apprentices present their case studies in order to become certified will be August third to the fifth. We will also be presenting a teacher training program for those who have completed the Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship. This course will require an interview to make sure this is the right program for you. The dates for this are June 8-10. And last but not least I’m so excited to have Carole Guyett joining us from Ireland for a three day Plant Initiation. This is only for those who have completed the Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship. The dates are Autumn Equinox, September 21-23.

Other classes to look forward to are the highly acclaimed Plant Communication; Re-claiming Our Birthrite weekend whose title is now Plant Spirit Communion; Our Shamanic Connection with Nature. At present, we have three dates set for this course in 2012. One in Vermont, July 13-15 and one in Montana, June 29 - July 1and one in early May in Glastonbury, England.

You can still attend one of these classes this year in Ottawa (only one space left) and Sedona, Arizona October 14-16. Sedona is a magical place and I’m so looking forward to what the plants of the dessert have to share with us. (click Plant Communication above to sign up for Ottawa or Sedona.)

Also don’t forget to mark your calendar for theGreen Nations Gathering September 14-16 to be held at Rowe Conference Center. Now that I have given the reins over I get to attend and have fun (what a concept). I will join other wonderful teachers as I share in the main evening presentation.


The TELL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM campaign was kicked off at Mark and Pam’s wedding on July 30. What a day we had and the air was filled with the most amount of love I have experienced in a long time (maybe ever). Not only did we marry each other but we married the land as well bringing others together in a tree planting ceremony. We will be telling you more about this campaign in the months to come but for now here is the message that you can print off from our web site. Hand out cards and be sure to tell someone you love them.

i love uhttp://www.partnereartheducationcenter.com/iloveu.html

We also started the “Be Love” Scholarship Fund by asking our guests to gift us with money to initiate a scholarship fund for deserving students wanting to attend classes at Partner Earth Education Center. The fund is solidly in place and we want to thank everyone who contributed to make this a possibility. Anyone else who would like to contribute to the “Be Love” Fund can do so by sending a check to Partner Earth Education Center. Check our web site in the future for contributing through pay pal and how to apply for this scholarship fund.

We’d like to thank all of you for loving Earth and all her beings so much that you continue to show up in small and big ways. Change can happen one person at a time. We are off on our honeymoon to Mark’s most favorite place in the world – the boundary waters of Minnesota and Canada. We love you all.



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