Volume 4, Issue 7

July 3, 2011

Dear Friends,

Here at Sweetwater Sanctuary raspberries are ripening, peas are sweet, roses fill the air with their delicate fragrance and the corn is almost knee high. What a growing season it has been with plenty of rain and now the warmth of mid-summer!

You may recall in our February newsletter we announced the making of a video of our Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship that student Katy Locke produced which you can find on our website. Katy has taken the original footage and condensed it to a five minute version which has been entered into the Possible Futures film contest. There are films in several categories with this one being in the “human fulfillment” category. Please go to this link and register to view the films then find “For the Love of Plants” and vote for it. Tell all your friends to vote for Katy’s video and put it on your Facebook page. You have until July 19th to cast your vote. What a great way to get the word out about plants as magnanimous beings that we openly communicate with and the important role they play for our future!

Don’t miss the Plant Communication; Re-claiming Our Birthrite classes coming up. There are a few spaces left in the Ottawa, Ontario class being held August 26-28. Otherwise, you can join us in magical Sedona October 14-16 for the same class. Check out the details for these classes on our website. Here are a few comments from the recent Plant Communication class here at Sweetwater: “I had the best time ever!   Thank you for everything!” Paula “My time spent at Sweetwater Sanctuary, was just that (Sweet Sanctuary). Cannot say thank you enough to both of you for all you do in every way, and every day.” Jean “Last weekend was really quite powerful for me in a bunch of ways.” Lindsey

One more fantastic class to remind you of is A Native Approach to Energetic Herbalism with Karyn Sanders September 23-25. Karyn is a rare treat in the herbal world because she teaches in a truly indigenous style which is through story and experience. Don’t miss the exceptional weekend.

Thunderbird by Pam Montgomery


Last month I shared with you about the three eclipses and summer solstice and the incredible amount of power that comes with these celestial events. I must say that the predictions of this past month were accurate in every way. There were experiences of enormous infusions of light verging on ecstatic in their nature and, at the same time, a kind of dismemberment causing the old ways, habitual patterns and worn out beliefs to shatter leaving one (me) striped to bare essentials.

On June 23, two days after Solstice, Mark and I experienced a shattering thunderbolt of light and sound that has changed how we walk on Earth and relate to all her beings. We feel that it was a huge wake-up call to shift both our personal and professional lives into a more exact alignment with our soul’s path. On a physical level we lost all electricity, phone, and propane (tank was hit), which means no available house water or any appliance. Luckily only one of our computers fried otherwise you would not be receiving this newsletter. We both felt the currents of electricity course through our bodies causing minor fraying of nerves.

Lightening and the resulting thunder travels at approximately 140,000 miles per hour and can heat up to 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit which is more that three times the temperature of the surface of the sun. Lightening is not just a sky phenomenon – it is actually a relational occurrence between Earth and Sky. The negative ions of Earth meet the positive ions of Sky that accumulate in clouds and a channel of ionized air is established between Earth and Sky. This ionization creates an electrostatic discharge known as lightening. The resulting thunder occurs from hot air expanding which gives rise to a supersonic shock wave that collapses into an acoustic wave which we hear as thunder.

Earth is dependent on lightening to recharge and maintain its negative electrical charge without which Earth’s electrical charge and atmospheric balance would disappear within five minutes. Lightening also helps the plants by dissolving atmospheric nitrogen in water to create a natural fertilizer called nitric oxide that converts to nitric acid, a useable form of nitrogen for plants to uptake through their roots. Lightening also produces ozone gas that helps protect Earth from over exposure to sun radiation. Lightening strikes Earth eight million times a day.


But there is more to lightening and thunder than its mere physicality (like all things in life). The Thunderbolt being who in indigenous cultures is referred to as the Thunderbird beats its wings fiercely stirring the wind causing the sound of thunder. When the Thunderbird blinks his eyes sheets of lightening flash and he sends bolts of lightening to Earth through the serpents he carries with him at all times. Thunderbird lives on top of the mountain always in service to Great Spirit keeping the relationship between Earth and Sky alive. If Thunderbird should falter or fall from Sky Earth would no longer receive the spark that he carries from Great Spirit.

In our recent close encounter with Thunderbird we have come to a new respect for his presence in our lives. We give thanks to you, Thunderbird, for constantly renewing Earth with Great Spirit’s life-giving spark. May we not fear you but recognize our indebtedness to you and honor you for the tremendous gift you give to us all.


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