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April 1, 2011

Dear Friends,

We are just about to get our last (we hope) hurrah for the winter with another foot of snow. My garden book says that this time last year it was 80 degrees. This year we are shoveling snow off the herb gardens in hopes of helping the little green beings longing to push their heads out. The crocuses are happily blooming and we have had a fantastic sugaring season. One of the best treats of spring is drinking the maple tree sap – it’s the best spring tonic there is.

Classes are shaping up nicely for this upcoming season. We are excited to offer so many opportunities for you to deepen your relations with the plants, trees and elements while being in the safety and sacredness here at Sweetwater Sanctuary. There are still two spaces available in the Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship so don’t wait any longer to contact Pam about becoming an apprentice as this seven month course begins April 15th. Pam is heading to California May 6-8 for the only class she will be teaching there this year, Plant Communication; Re-claiming Our Birth-rite. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn how to be in deep relationship with plants and be taught directly from them. We have added another Plant Communication course for the fall. If you miss the California class you can come to Sedona, Arizona October 14-16.


Choosing Life in a Nuclear Age by Pam Montgomery


The events of the past few weeks in Japan have given us all reason to take pause and reflect upon what it means to live in a nuclear age. I have found myself sending out lists of radiation countering supplements (be sure to eat seaweed), listening on a daily basis to which offers updates on the radioactive clouds and their whereabouts, and joining in prayer with millions of others to send positive energy to the Japanese people and biosphere. Since my sister lives in Tokyo I feel only one step removed from the continuing chaos that is plaguing this small island nation. The fact of the matter is that we all live downwind. This disaster has brought to the forefront that we are a global village and when nuclear power and armaments continue to proliferate we are all effected, I can’t help but suspect that the 50% rise in world-wide cancer rates expected by 2020, according to the World Health Organization, is due in part to the constant exposure to low level (and high level) radiation. But I digress; I’m not here to instill fear but to do the opposite. Fear immobilizes our abilities to seek truly alternative ways in which to perceive and proceed in a nuclear era.


I remember years ago when I lived on the Hudson River. I loved the river but it was love from a distance and not up-close and intimate love. I would never dream of swimming in the river as I knew of its pollution level. During this time period I was working with living co-creatively with all my relations and the river was a part of my relational world. I realized that my negative judgment of the river because of my perceived idea of it being a “dirty” river kept me at arms length and I could never be in a true co-creative partnership while carrying this belief. From my book Partner Earth; A Spiritual Ecology, I relate some of this story, “[the Hudson] responded by saying, ‘Do you stop loving a child because she is handicapped, or a sister when she gets cancer, or a parent who becomes old and less capable, or a friend who loses a limb? Why then would you stop loving me because I’ve become polluted by acts of another?’ This insight hit me at the core of my being, and I saw clearly that I had treated the river as a lesser being because it was polluted. I vowed in that moment to heal the split with the Husdon River, knowing that her waters will never run clean and clear if I continue to carry the energy of disgust because of pollution. When I swim in her waters instead of worrying about what the polluted waters are doing to me, I will rejoice in knowing that my love is healing her and through this act of partnering I, too, will become rejuvenated and whole.” My perception shifted that day into perceiving the river as Holy Water. I even placed a bowl of river water inside the door to my house and dipped my fingers in it to make a blessing each time I entered the house. I began to swim in the river, allowing the river to wash away my cares and misalignments, and my subterranean belief that the river was an enemy began to erode and what emerged was an understanding of a Holy being that has a right to life and love.


I tell this story because I find myself in a similar place in regard to uranium, plutonium and the resulting iodine 131 and cesium 137. Uranium is NOT the enemy; it is an extremely powerful aspect of nature that we can love and support during this crisis. Imagine if you were the cause of such turmoil because of the energetic power that is inherently your gift. Demonizing uranium and going into fear of radioactive fallout does not contribute to the healing necessary at this time. Denial of radioactive fallout is also not helpful. Just because we cannot see, smell, hear, taste or touch radioactivity doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Our cells are aware of this most formidable invisible ingredient even if our egos are not. To date, our physical bodies have not been able to hold the power of uranium without becoming compromised. And yet we are related because we are both aspects of the greater nature. Could this dynamic relative be urging us to work with energy alchemy to increase our potential to accommodate its potency? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed. Could it be time to step into the magnificent creative power, genius, and light that we all carry in our cells and transform not only the negative effects of uranium use but the toxic thoughts that pollute us each and every day? This leading edge work of transmutation of compromising energy is taking place across the globe most notably through the efforts of Masaru Emoto and Sandra Ingerman.


Perhaps uranium is urging us to take action to keep her in the ground where she belongs and is needed to help power the Earth and her processes and to recognize that we can no longer accept the blatant misuse and abuse of such an element. We have reached a tipping point not only on the planet but with our own psyches. We are undeniably connected to and reliant upon the great web of life that includes all people, plants, trees, waters, air, animals, fish, ores, minerals, soils, birds, forces seen and unseen. What are we here to do – perpetuate a life-killing world that consists of greed, war and toxic overload or to remember that life is for living and that we are here to feed the love and light that sustains life? Perhaps for a moment, as we stand at the edge of the abyss, our vision clears and we see that this nuclear holocaust has gifted us with a holonic wake-up call, a clarion call, alerting us to our interdependence with all of life. Maybe, just maybe, the profound ramifications of the events in Japan can potentially serve to help us come to a life-giving impetus at our core, both individually and as a species. This impetus of choosing life rings true for me and I would hope for others, as well. Is it unrealistic to think we can have a world of peace that is pollution-free in which we are co-creators where toxic energy can be transformed? Defending criticism that his goals are unrealistic, 
Earth Charter co-author, Satish Kumar has said, "Look at what realists have done for us. They have led us to war and climate change, poverty on an unimaginable scale, and wholesale ecological destruction. Half of humanity goes to bed hungry because of all the realistic leaders in the world. I tell people who call me 'unrealistic' to show me what their realism has done. Realism is an outdated, overplayed and wholly exaggerated concept."



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