Associate Teachers

The following Associate Teachers have studied with Pam and are now being endorsed by her to teach Plant Communication and Plant Spirit Healing. These classes will maintain the integrity of Pam’s original teachings with the added benefit of receiving the unique and inspiring style of each teacher. As Pam begins to shift from teaching full time others are stepping forward who have been called by the plants to continue to share the amazing beauty of plants and their vast consciousness and healing ways. -------Workshops will be posted.

beth denise
lupo jen frey


jen frey

Workshops with Jen Frey

Jen Frey is a certified Plant Spirit Healing and Flower Essence practitioner and Herbalist.  From an early age, Jen had a deep love for and connection with Nature and Nature Spirits and knew that she was meant to be a healer.  As she continues to study different healing modalities and incorporate these into her healing practice, her relationship with the Divine in Nature is her guiding force.  Through her practice located in East Petersburg, PA, Jen offers consultations, Egg Limpias, and healing ceremonies (both in-person and long distance). Jen teaches classes internationally for adults and children on natural healing and connecting with Nature.  She travels the world to make high-quality, unique Flower and Environmental Essences, which are available through her company, Brigid's Way, LLC.  Jen is also the US Distributor of the Music of the Plants device, a magical device from Damanhur (Italy) that translates the electrical impulses from a Plant into musical notes.  Jen has found this to be a phenomenal doorway into the wonders of Nature and helping people to open their Hearts.    

HEARTransformation Apprenticeship 2017


This apprenticeship is designed to help Humans align with the intelligence of Nature and to work with these energies to bring about healing (for oneself, one's clients, the Earth, and more).  This is more than the alleviation of symptoms, this is healing at the source.    This is Transformation at the Heart of it All.   As part of this process, we embrace our becoming our fullest potential as co-Creators.

The Plants provide the foundation for this course and our Hearts the guides as we follow this ancient and modern path connecting deeply with the Sacred in All.  During the  2nd year, Advanced Heart of Transformation Course (optional), we expand  to work with other aspects of Nature including  Elements,  Elementals, Archetypes, Light and ultimately working directly with Source Energy.
This certified course is based on Pam Montgomery's Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship.  Graduates are eligible to participate in any of Pam's advanced classes and if they desire, apply for certification as a Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner.

The Plants have been saying, "The Time is NOW!"  The time to move into co-creative partnership with all of Nature, the time to follow our Heart's desires, the time to embrace our power (including our vulnerability), the  time to  step into our Full Potential.       We can no longer play it small.  We know that that we are living during an important time, we have a choice.  Will we awaken and take up our rightful place as part of Nature?

Are you yearning for this?
Are you yearning to embrace your fullness?
Are you yearning to know who you really are and why you are here?
Are you yearning to hear the wisdom and guidance that surrounds you?
Are you yearning to re-member your connection to All?
Are you yearning for true healing - healing at the Source?
Are you yearning to be a conduit of Healing and Love for others, including our Earth?

If so, you've found your place.  Join us for this catalyzing apprenticeship.  The Plants have been waiting for you!

During this course, you will learn and experience:
  • Deepening relationship with Plants and Nature
  • Plant intelligence
  • Philosophies of Plant Spirit Healing
  • The Heart as an Organ of perception
  • Plant communication
  • Spiritual Ecology
  • Sensing and assessing energy
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Protection 
  • Energy hygiene
  • Working co-creatively with Nature
  • Working with the Foundational Elements and Seven Directions
  • Working with Animal guides
  • Greenbreath
  • Working with your Medicine Place
  • Being the Hollow Bone
  • Creating Landscapes
  • Energy Anatomy
  • Vertical Allignment
  • Chakra clearings
  • Cord Cutting
  • Removing intrusive objects and energies
  • Soul contracts
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Working with the Spirits of the Land
  • Personal growth experiences
  • Plant Spirit Healing in practice
  • and more!

We continue and deepen this work in the Advanced HEARTransformation.  This class is optional; however, it is required to receive full certification as a HEARTransformation Practitioner, along with 3 case studies.  (More details about this class will be posted later.)

During the Advanced HEARTransformation, you will learn and experience:
  • Managing the Forces
  • Aligning vibrations
  • Working with Elementals
  • Egg Limpia
  • Clearing limiting beliefs and habitual patterns
  • Anatomy of Emotions
  • Working with Light
  • Healing with Love
  • Blueprint Adjustments
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Karmic Healing
  • Working with Archetypes
  • Support for working with Clients
  • Personal growth experiences

This apprenticeship is designed for those who wish to become practitioners or those who want to incorporate this into an existing practice.  However, the skills learned and wisdom gained can be applied to many  areas of one's life and can be adapted to work with any situation or environment. Personal healing and growth is a natural part of this program.     Resources are available to provide support for your personal healing needs outside of class.  

This course is limited to 20 participants.  An interview is REQUIRED for acceptance into the program.  Call Jen at 717-629-8426 or email to schedule your interview.

Six Sessions May to October 2017 from 10 AM Saturday to 3 PM Monday:
May 6 - 8
June 3 - 7
July 15 - 17
Aug 12 - 14
Sept 9 - 11
Oct 6 - 8 * (This is Friday to Sunday)

This Apprenticeship is held at Heritage  Creek Farm Camp* in Mount Joy, PA.

Energy Exchange: $2500 if paid in full by March 1st, 2017
After this date, the full tuition is $2800.

This includes all instruction, meals, camping facilities and mentorship.  There is no option to stay off-site.  Indoor sleeping space is available for inclement weather.

Payment can be made by check or Paypal (additional 3% fee).  Payment plans are available.

To register: Send your $200 non-refundable deposit to Brigid's Way.  This holds your space and is deducted from the tuition.

Mail check to:
Brigid's Way
6138 Sundra Circle
East Petersburg, PA 17520

or to pay via Paypal (deposit is $206) email Jen

Heritage Creek Farm Camp is a Heart place for me.  I have very deep ties to this Land (my former Farm is connected to it).  I am very happy to hold this apprenticeship there.  In fact, I cannot imagine having it anywhere else.  The Spirits of this place are excited to be working with you!  Through this work, we will create a symbiotic relationship of Healing and Growth.


Rose Initiation-
with Michal Matar
An 8 Week group for women

Like humans, plants have a spirit, an essence that carries consciousness and healing powers.
In this group you will learn to connect and develop a special relationship with the ROSE and
receive her gifts; such as connection to the feminine, sensuality, heart opening, boundaries, etc.
Each woman will diet with Rose and go through a unique individual process with her,
as well as come together to share and explore as a group each week. The group will learn how
to connect with the rose on multiple levels (physical, emotional and spiritual) and explore her
gifts through shamanic journeys, guided imagery, dream exploration and meditations.

Each woman will receive one on one sessions for more guidance, support and help
in deepening her experience with the rose.
If you feel called to embark on this magical journey with ROSE please contact
Michal Matar at
415-404-9869 / to get more information and details.
8 weeks starting March, 2017
Wednesdays 6:45-8:15 pm

Michal Matar, MA, MFT graduated from the Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship with
Pam Montgomery and has a deep connection with nature, plants and a special
relationship with rose. She has a MA in Counseling Psychology from CIIS and is a
licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in San Francisco.
Michal has extensive training and a diverse experience working with individuals and
facilitating groups. She has trained in energy work called Biorgonomy and brings a
depth of knowledge in the art and science of healing to her work. With her passion
and belief in both the powerful healing of plants and group process, she feels honored
to guide and support others in their healing of Self and Earth.

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