Pam Montgomery received training from Empire State College in Alternative Health Education. She is the originator of Green Terrestrial Herbal Products of Vermont and was one of the founding members of the Northeast Herbal Association where she served as their president for four years. For a decade, Pam was on the Executive Council of the Board of Directors of United Plant Savers, an organization dedicated to preservation of our native medicinal plants. Pam has organized the Green Nations Gathering, Spirit Healing Conference and the Healing With Flowers Conference. She teaches workshops internationally on herbal medicine, Plant Spirit Healing, and spiritual ecology.

Pam is the author of Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness and Partner Earth; A Spiritual Ecology published by Inner Traditions and a contributing author in Planting the Future.

An herbal and plant spirit healing practitioner, Pam offers healing sessions
long distance. She has produced Sweetwater Sanctuary Essences infused with the plant spirit

About Partner Earth Education Center at Sweetwater Sanctuary

Partner Earth Education Center at Sweetwater Sanctuary sits at the base of Marble Mountain and the Dorset Peaks, some of the highest peaks in southern Vermont. This is home to black bear, coyote, bobcat, raven, wild turkey, porcupine, ermine, beaver and red-tail hawk. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of protected woodlands and meadows with a rushing brook that cascades down the mountain and flows centrally through the property. There are many natural springs on the mountain but right at our doorstep is Heart Spring producing several gallons of water per minute. It is this pure, sweet water that is the constantly flowing life force of Sweetwater Sanctuary that nourishes not only our bodies and soil but our spirits as well.

We regularly honor the land, water and all the beings at Sweetwater Sanctuary both seen and unseen through prayer, ceremony and offerings seeking to create sacred space for those who find their way here. In this atmosphere not only optimal learning but also deep healing can take place. Your educational experience goes beyond information exchange touching into your heart, soul and spirit for core integration, assimilation, and connection with yourself and nature.

Providing high quality organic food either grown in our own gardens or a neighbor's along with wild edibles when possible, is our goal. The best possible water comes straight from the ground where Heart Spring gushes forth. This structured moving water is the same kind of water healthy cells are surrounded in so that when you drink from our spring you are bathing your cells in the water they long for and identify with most. Good food, good water and good vibes is the foundation for optimum health and well being.

We are dedicated to living as sustainably as possible and offer you the opportunity to experience living in accordance with natural rhythms. Living within the laws of nature we attempt to bring the human gift of loving kindness to all we do enhancing the sense of Sanctuary.


We would like to thank all of you who continue to support the Partner Earth Education Center at Sweetwater Sanctuary with financial contributions or by attending workshops here. We hope you plan to visit us this year for our variety of herbal, plant spirit healing, heart-centered, and earth-based educational opportunities. It is here, surrounded by the exquisite beauty of mountains, waterfalls, diverse plant life and abundant wildlife where you hear rushing water in the stream, smell the sweet flowers, touch the rich earth, see the moonrise and shooting stars and taste the burst of flavor in wild greens that your essential nature comes alive and you remember who you are.
Mark Carlin was first initiated as a New Warrior with the Mankind Project in 1993 and has since participated on the staff of many trainings. He has vision quested and supported traditional practices on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Mark has completed the certified Permaculture Design Course through Earth Activists Training with StarHawk. After moving from his lifetime home of Minnesota, he is now an active partner and ceremonial leader at Partner Earth Education Center in Danby, Vermont.















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